Sudan aviation France Airbus January 21 2020 - 9:28 PM

Airbus discusses supplying 8 planes to Sudan Airways: ministry Khartoum, Jan 21, 2020 (AFP) - Sudan said Tuesday it was in talks with aviation giant Airbus over a deal to supply eight new planes to its state carrier, hit hard by decades of US sanctions. The finance ministry said a delegation representing the European manufacturer met the ministers of finance and infrastructure to discuss the deal to revamp Sudan Airways' fleet. "The minister of infrastructure promised the delegation to take its proposal to the cabinet," the finance ministry said in a statement. "The minister of finance has also accepted the proposals presented by Airbus to supply eight new planes to Sudan Airways." Airbus has also proposed to provide technical support, the statement said, without giving details on the financial aspects of the deal. The manufacturer was not immediately available for comment. Sudan Airways has suffered heavily over the years from trade sanctions imposed by Washington in 1997, with most of its fleet grounded. Washington lifted the sanctions in October 2017 but the airline has still not been fully operational due to difficulties in procuring spare parts. Sudan is ruled by a civilian-led sovereign council after a nationwide uprising led to the ouster of longtime ruler Omar al-Bashir last April. The council is tasked with overseeing the country's transition to civilian rule, as demanded by the protest movement. ab-jds/par

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