Issue 65  
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  • First F-16V Delivered - 22.10.2018

    Taiwan has taken delivery of the first F-16V aircraft. Taiwan-based Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. has recently delivered the first modernized platform to the Taiwanese Air Force.

    The Taipei administration decided to upgrade the F-16 A/B Fighting Falcon in its inventory to F-16V. The country, which allocates a total of 4.56 billion USD budget for this program, has significantl

  • S-400s to Arrive in Two Years - 22.10.2018

    Recently, a new statement came from Russia, which signed an agreement with India to supply an S-400 air defense system which costs 5.2 billion USD. According to the statement, the first S-400 systems will be delivered to India within two years. The statement came from Dmitry Shugaev, who head of Russia’s Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation.


    The de

  • Weapon Pod for Blackhawks - 22.10.2018


    A new step has come from the United States, which has been working with the Kabul government on the reconstruction of the Afghanistan Army. In this direction, Washington will arm the UH-60A Black Hawk utility helicopters in the Afghan Air Force inventory. The decision was taken by the US Department of Defence's direct proposal to Afghanistan.



  • T129 to Open to Africa - 22.10.2018

    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) will participate in Marrakech Airshow to be held in Morocco on October 24-27, 2018. TUSAS will perform a flight demonstration with the T129 ATAK helicopter as part of the campaign for Africa.

    Morroco King 6th Mohammed’s participation is expected to Morocco Airshow. TUSAS is looking to introducing its ATAK helicopter along with all the indigen

  • United Kingdom Cleared to Buy 16 Chinooks - 21.10.2018

    The U.S. Defence Security Cooperation Agency announced on Oct. 19 that United Kingdom has been cleared to buy 16 H-47 Chinook (Extended Range) helicopters for an estimated cost of $3.5 billion. The Defence Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale.

    The Government of United Kingdom has requested a possible sale of sixteen

  • China’s AG600 Amphibious Aircraft Marks First Take-Off and Landing On Water - 21.10.2018

    China's large amphibious aircraft AG600 took off, flew and landed back water successfully to mark its first water-based test flight.

    Chinese state owned media, Global Times reported that AG600 Amphibious aircraft lifted off from the water of Jingmen's Zhanghe Reservoir at 8:51 am, and landed 17 minutes later back on to water at 9:05 am.

    Aviation Industry Corporation

  • UAE Has Shown Interest In Akash Surface-To-Air Missile System - 21.10.2018

    UAE Minister of State for Defence Affairs, Mohammed Ahmed Al Bowardi Al Falacy was in India recently and he has indicated that the Gulf state is interested in the Akash air defence missile system.

    According to a section of Indian media, the UAE government is possibly looking at the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) `Made in India’ Akash surface-to-air missile

  • Indonesia to Stick to Su-35 Deal With Russia - 21.10.2018

    Indonesia will keep on track on its deal with Russia on Su-35 deliveries in spite of the possibility of being subjected to US sanctions, the country's defence minister, Ryamizard Ryacudu, said in an official statement of the ASEAN Defence Ministers' Meeting (ADMM).

    "Indonesia is looking forward to receiving [the] fighter jets soon, we are very interested in this," he

  • Philippine Likely to Acquire Gripen - 20.10.2018

    Philippine Department of National Defence (DND) considers acquiring Swedish-made Gripen multi-role supersonic jet fighter for Air Force (PAF)

    Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana unveiled their interest about Gripen to Philippine News Agency (PNA) on Sunday.  Lorenzana said aside from being cheaper to acquire and less expensive in maintenance cost, the Gripen has been proven to be

  • Saab to Unveil Surface-Launched Version Of Gungnir Anti-Ship Missile - 20.10.2018

    Saab will unveil the surface launch version of RBS15 Gungnir anti-ship missile system at the Euronaval exhibition in Paris.

    RBS15 Gungnir uses the all new RBS15 Mk4 Surface missile with extended range, enhanced defence penetration and electronic protection as well as a more advanced target seeker, allowing it to engage any target, in all conditions.

    The RBS15 Mk4 Surface mis

  • No Surprise in KC-46 - 19.10.2018

    The US Air Force has made a new statement about KC-46 has Pegasus. Aircraft will be delayed once again. Since the tender ended in 2011, many delays in the program, the first aircraft was scheduled to October 27 for delivery. However, due to significant damage problems on the aircraft recently, the delivery was postponed once again.

    Boeing suffered several delays in the program

  • Chinese Tests Continues - 19.10.2018

    China recently added a new one to its weapons tests. Beijing tests the HD-1supersonic cruise missile with the ramjet engine, claimed that the system could be a rival to the Russian-Indian BrahMos system. It was added to the claims that the HD-1 developed for BrahMos market would be less costly and more useful than its rival. The system was developed by China-based  Guangdong Hongda

  • DSRV to Rescue Indian Submarines - 19.10.2018

    India has completed trials of the newly acquired submarine rescue system. During trials, vehicle strength and rescue capabilities were tested. DSRV system is procured from UK and dive to a depth of 666 meters during tests. It was reported that this depth was the deepest point that a manned vehicle could dive in Indian waters.

    The Indian Navy bought two DSRVs in 2016 with an agreement

  • Brazil Shortlisted Four European Companies for CCT Tender - 18.10.2018

    The Brazilian Navy’s Program Management Directorate (Diretoria de Gestão de Programas da Marinha, DGePM), has announced a “short-list” for the Class-Tamandaré Corvettes (CCT in Portuguese) program comprising the following consortium. Tamandaré Project calls for the construction of an initial batch of four corvettes to replace the ageing Niteroi- and Broads

  • S-400 Gets Longer-Range Missile Operational - 18.10.2018

    Russian air defence units with S-400 system will receive the 40N6 advanced long-range surface-to-air missile which was recently has been accepted for service in the Russian Army according TASS.

    The main improvement in the 40N6 over the earlier generation missiles is maximum distance of attack for aerodynamic targets. The missiles that were previously in service with the S-400 system (

  • Aselsan will Mentioned in the Medical Sector - 18.10.2018

    Aselsan has stepped up its efforts to increase its power in the medical device industry. Aselsan would use its engineering knowledge in defence industry to produce medical devices and works to increase its existing knowledge. In line with these studies, the company signed a cooperation agreement with Biosys Biomedical for intensive care breathing apparatus.

    The artificial ventilator m

  • Su-57 Army Tests in 2019 - 18.10.2018

    Russia has announced that Su-57 will begin Army tests early next year. According to a report in the Russian press, the 4th Combat Training Centre in Lipetsk will receive two mass-production Su-57s. Russian Army's most trained test pilot and teacher pilots will test aircrafts.


    The first tasks to be carried out in the tests will be the testing of aircraft weapons sy

  • Racer High-Speed Demonstrator Passes Preliminary Design Review Milestone - 18.10.2018

    Airbus Helicopters continues to progress with the development of its Racer (Rapid And Cost-Efficient Rotorcraft) technology demonstrator, funded by European Union’s H2020 framework through the Clean Sky 2 program, and aiming to provide the best trade-off between speed, cost-efficiency, sustainability and mission performance.

    After the validation of the demonstrator’s aerod

  • Second Hand Helicopter to Croatia - 18.10.2018

    Croatian Defence Minister Damir Krstičević stated that Croatia will acquire the UH-60M. The two helicopters will be granted from US Army stocks.

    The helicopters are scheduled to be delivered in 2020. The platforms will be allocated to the use of Special Forces Command under the Croatian Armed Forces. Helicopters will be used for transport, special operations, medical evacuation, searc

  • Italy Preparing to Budget-Cut - 18.10.2018

    Italy, announced that arms spending is going to large amount of cut. According to a report published in the Italian media, Rome will go saving program for 500 million Euros in 2019 defence budget. A Senior official said “We will save 500 million euros from unnecessary armaments The only way to defend the country is not to spend money.”

    In addition to budgetary constraints,

  • Germany's Assault Rifles Fail Bundeswehr Tests - 17.10.2018

    As Bundeswehr's standard gun, the G36 rifle, will be phased out soon. The German army's efforts to acquire a new standard automatic weapon have been delayed as gun manufacturers failed to provide suitable bids.According to the procurement office, the comparative tests in the following seven months revealed that none of the guns presented by the various weapons manufacturers fulfill

  • Tube Problems at British F-35 Lightning IIs - 17.10.2018

    The United Kingdom has announced that a number of problems have been detected on F-35B Lightning II aircraft. The F-35 Joint Program Office conducted a detailed inspection of the Royal Air Force F-35B Lightning II aircraft. As a result of this inspection, it was determined that five F-35B Lightning II required a replacement of the fuel tube. Aircrafts which have problem are grounded.

  • Russian Submarines will be More Effective - 17.10.2018

    Russia has announced that it has developed a new oceanography system. In the news published it is announced the task zone of the sea / ocean status of the Russian Navy will be transferred instantly to data centre. System development work will be completed in 2021. The system, will be composed of modern and high-precision sensors and cameras were announced. Data to be transferred to the data cen

  • Netherlands Continues Modernization - 17.10.2018

    The Netherlands continues to modernize its army. In recent weeks, Netherlands has signed an agreement with the US to modernize the AH-64 Apache and CH-47 Chinook helicopters, and now it has taken action to modernize the PzH 2000NL howitzers and CV90 vehicles.


    Under the program called Mid Life Upgrade (MLU), the electronic components of PzH 2000NL howitzers will be ren

  • UK Invents New Landing Technique for F-35B - 17.10.2018

    The UK has for the first time tested an experimental Shipborne Rolling Vertical Landing (SRVL) technique at sea using a Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning.

    BAE Systems test pilot Peter Wilson performed the manoeuvre while recovering to the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in mid-October, the UK Ministry of Defence confirms.

    The manoeuvre allows aircraft to use bo

  • Iran Claims 'Pin-Point Accuracy' with Extended Range Missiles - 17.10.2018

    Amir Ali Hajizadeh, head of the air force of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards, said Tuesday that the country has extended the range of its naval missiles to about 435 miles, claiming it set Iran ahead of the region and among some of the world's top Powers "Today, we have managed to produce a coast-to-sea ballistic, not cruise, missile, which has a complicated technology," he

  • Most F-35 Jets Resume Flights After Engine İnspections - 17.10.2018

    More than 80 percent of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter jets have cleared engine inspections and are now approved for flights. Fallowing the F-35 crash on September 28th  , All F-35 fighter jets were grounded so that fuel tubes could be examined. The Pentagon said it is working closely with United Technologies Corp’s Pratt & Whitney, the maker of the F-35’s engine, to

  • Modernization to "Bear" - 16.10.2018

    Russia has decided to continue with one of the icons of the Cold War. According to official sources, Moscow will modernize the Tu-95 bombers. The contract for the modernization of the Tu-95MS aircraft to the Tu-95MSM level was signed last month.

    A series of changes will be made to the platforms that have been active since 1957 and made its first flight in 1952. Maintenance works will

  • Hurricane Hit Raptor - 16.10.2018

    Hurricane Michael hurt the American Air Force. The hurricane last week was effective and wind speed during the disaster reached 250 km / h. Hurricane hit the East Coast, and the Air Force took its share. In line with the warnings of meteorology, 33 of the 55 F-22A Raptor aircraft stationed in Florida were shifted to another bases. However, 22 F-22As that were unable to fly due to maintenance an

  • Rheinmetall AG and Lockheed Martin Cooperate for Germany's Helicopter - 16.10.2018

    The German Navy is in search of a new helicopter. In this respect, Germany is now looking for a new platform to replace the Sea Lynx helicopters in its inventory. For the time being, two platforms are expected to replace the platforms, which will start to retire 2025. The first of these is the MH-60R Seahawk helicopters. Rheinmetall AG and Lockheed Martin have announced that they will participa

  • STM Delivers One Of İts Largest Single-İtem Export Projects: Fleet Tanker To Pakistan Navy - 16.10.2018

    The Pakistan Navy Fleet Tanker (PNFT), one of the biggest single-item export projects of the Turkish defence industry, was delivered to the Pakistan Navy at a commissioning ceremony held in Karachi.


    Pakistani President Arif Alvi, Defence Industries President Professor İsmail Demir, Defence Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. (STM) Chairman İhsan Kaya, STM General

  • Greece Requests Surplus Amphibious Vehicles, AAV-7A1 - 16.10.2018

    Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos asked US armoured amphibious vehicles according to Greekpoint defence publication. Greekpoint claims that Kammenos’ visit to Defence Secretary James Matis in the Pentagon gave opportunity to request surplus US vehicles.

    Greece wants granted amphibious armoured vehicles in order to replace the obsolete and operationally inadequate dump-f

  • MMP is Going Well - 15.10.2018

    France announced the completion of the hot weather tests of the MMP missile. MBDA's MMP (Missile Moyenne Portée / Medium Range Missile) tests have been carried out in Djibouti for the use of hot weather and semi-desert environments. Nine MMPs were fired in the Djibouti leg of the trials, and all of them hit their targets. In the scope of tests,this type of missile fired first time fr

  • New NVG to Army - 15.10.2018

    The US Army continue to equip soldiers with new generation equipment. In a recent statement, Army to procure ENVG-B (Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular). Although it is not explained how many systems are supplied, it is stated that 10 thousand systems will be distributed within three years in the first wave. It is stated that the Marine Corps will take 3100 ENVG-B in announcement.

  • Qatari Apaches on the Line - 15.10.2018

    Boeingr started to Qatar’s production for Apache. The first of the 24 AH-64 Apache helicopters, ordered by Qatar in 2016, entered the production line at Mesa Facilities, located in Arizona, last Saturday. Qatar will pay $ 667 million for procurement.

    AH-64 Apache helicopter, which serves in the inventory of many countries, is powered by two engines. The helicopter can withstand

  • First Foreign Customer to Fire Scout - 15.10.2018

    Taiwan media announced new military procurement. It is reported that the Pentagon has approved the sale of MQ-8 Fire Scout unmanned helicopter systems to Taipei. This makes Taiwan the first export customer of the MQ-8B Fire Scout platform.

    Taiwan was planning to replace the aging MD 500 helicopters with MH-60R Romeo helicopters. However, as most of the budget of Republic of China Navy

  • Strategic Force to Far-East - 15.10.2018

    Chinese State Media confirmed the existence of a new aircraft program. In this program, Beijing is conducting a long-range stealth strategic bomber development. The name of the program was announced as Hong-20 in the news published in State Television. There was no detailed information about the program. The first flight date of the aircraft is estimated by Western experts, depending on the cap

  • US to Procure BONUS Precision-Guided Munitions from UK - 15.10.2018

    The US Army is purchasing BAE Systems Bofors 155mm BONUS ammunition through a contract with the NSPA (NATO Support and Procurement Agency).

    BONUS is an artillery-launched, fire-and-forget munition capable of combating any armoured vehicle. Compatible with the majority of existing artillery guns, BONUS is handled just like a conventional shell. BONUS carries two smart munitions that em

  • Decision for OMTTZA - 14.10.2018

    Defence Industry Executive Committee (Savunma Sanayii İcra Komitesi/ SSIK) gathered under the chairmanship of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. SSIK has decided on special purpose tactical wheeled vehicle (Özel Maksatlı Taktik Tekerlekli Zırhlı Araç /ÖMTTZA) program which was a surprise. The project first came to the agenda in 2009 for the supply of 336 vehicles, and many times S

  • U.S. Army Invented Algorithm for Indoor Navigation - 14.10.2018

    Two U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) researchers have come up with an algorithm that enables localization of humans and robots in areas where GPS is unavailable. Their technique uses the direction of the signal instead of the time taken to determine the location.

    The technique is announced from ARL official web site. According to ARL researchers Gunjan Verma and Dr. Fikadu Dagefu,

  • Robotic Sniper Rifle from Syrian Engineer - 14.10.2018

    Syrian Engineer Hamzah Salam, from the village of Shreihi in Suwayda, southern Syria, has built a custom automatic rifle which he has dubbed as an ‘electronic sniper.’ Sputnik wrote, the sniper uses a Kalashnikov AK-47 rifle as the weapon but it can use any small-arms weapon, from a machine gun to a sniper rifle.

    “The automated system monitors the situation and, if n

  • 22 New Anka for TuRAF - 14.10.2018

    Defence Industry Executive Committee (Savunma Sanayii İcra Komitesi /SSIK) decided to acquire 16 Anka-S and 6 Anka-B, a total of 22 Anka Unmanned Aerial Vehicle from Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS).

    Eight of the ten Anka-S systems produced by TUSAŞ are already at the inventory of Turkish Air Force (TuRAF).  The order will be completed with the delivery of the remaining two s

  • US Navy Approves Testing 3D Printed Metal Part At Sea - 12.10.2018

    US Navy stated that a prototype drain strainer orifice assembly will be installed on USS Harry S. Truman for a one-year long test and evaluation trial.

    The test articles passed functional and environmental testing, which included material, welding, shock, vibration, hydrostatic and operational steam, and will continue to be evaluated while installed within a low temperature and low pr

  • Greek Cyprus Minister Fires Milan Anti-Tank Missile - 12.10.2018


    Greek Cypriot Defence Minister Savvas Aggelidis fired an anti-tank missile during his visit to security forces.

    Minister Angelidis attended the Anti-Battalion exercise and he made a shot with a portable anti-tank missile Milan.  Minister Aggelidis is a lawyer.

    Cyprus is divided in two between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots since Greek and Greek Cyp

  • Italy Proposed Typhoon to Bulgaria - 12.10.2018

    Italy and its defence company Leonardo have submitted their offer to the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence in response to the recent Request for Proposal for the acquisition of eight fighter aircraft to replace their ageing Mig-29 fleet.

    The offer is based on the supply to the Bulgarian Air Force of Tranche 1 Typhoons from the Italian Air Force and includes also the option for the deliver

  • Embraer KC-390 Multi-Mission Airlift Made Maiden Flight - 12.10.2018

    Embraer completed a maiden flight of the first series production multi-mission medium airlift KC-390, the manufacturer announced on October 9, 2018.

    Brazilian Air Force, will now join the flight test campaign, in which more than 1,900 flight hours have already been logged, statement by Embraer reads. After that, the aircraft will have to obtain certification by Brazilian aviation auth

  • Ukraine Launched Air Drills With NATO Countries - 12.10.2018

    Ukraine has opened a series of large-scale air-force exercises with the United States and seven other NATO countries, the Ukrainian Defence Ministry announced.

    The multinational air force exercise Clear Sky 2018 has begun in Ukraine, President Petro Poroshenko has said on Facebook.

    "Within 12 days, the tasks in the sky will be carried out by highly skilled pilots from B

  • US Arms Sales Overseas Skyrocketed 33 percent in 2018 - 12.10.2018

    The U.S. inked $55.6 billion in foreign military sales during fiscal year 2018, easily smashing past the previous year’s total — and the Pentagon’s point man for security cooperation expects more in the future.

    “This is a 33 percent increase over last year and I’m very optimistic that this positive trajectory will continue,” said Lt. Gen. Charles Ho

  • Worldwide F-35 Fleet Grounded Temporarily - 12.10.2018

    The worldwide fleet of F-35 Lightning II aircraft was grounded for inspections after a problem with the aircraft’s engine fuel tube was discovered, which is believed to be related to the first crash of the stealth fighter a few weeks ago.

    The F-35 Joint Program Office (JPO) requested on 10 October that the US Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps inspect the aircraft’s Pratt &a

  • Boeing Wins $242M for 17 AH-64E Apaches for UAE - 08.10.2018

    The Boeing Co., Mesa, Arizona, was awarded a $242,109,170 modification (P00021) to foreign military sales (United Arab Emirates) contract W58RGZ-16-C-0023 for the remanufacture of eight, and procurement of nine new-build Apache AH-64E aircraft. 


    Work will be performed in Mesa, Arizona, with an estimated completion date of Feb. 28, 2023. Fiscal 2010 foreign milita

  • F-35B Shoots with HIMARS - 07.10.2018

    The U.S. Marine Corps were able to link the F-35B to a M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) and help the HIMARS achieve a rocket shot by sharing of data.

    Lt. Gen. Steven R. Rudder, deputy commandant for aviation, told the audience at the Centre for Strategic & International Studies on Oct. 5.

    The shot was all done through data link, according to Rudder. Th

  • Japan to Replace F-2 Fighters with Local Solution - 07.10.2018

    Japan will develop a new aircraft to succeed its F-2 fighter.  Tokyo has already rejected proposals Lockheed Martin, Boeing and BAE System to supply new jets.

    Some 92 F-2s of the Japan Air Self-Defence Force are expected to retire in the 2030s and Japanese government has sought bids from Lockheed Martin for its F-22, Boeing for its F-15, and BAE Systems for its Eurofighter Typhoo

  • India Signs $5Bln Deal to Buy Russia's S-400 Missile System - 06.10.2018

    Russia and India signed the S-400 deal. India will acquire 5 S-400 Air Defence system from Russia. The signing ceremony took place in New Delhi During Russian President Vladimir Putin's ongoing visit to New Delhi for an annual summit.

    "The deal was signed on the fringes of the summit,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Reuters. The contract is estimated to be worth m

  • Russia Prepares Catamaran Aircraft Carrier Concept - 05.10.2018

    The Krylov State Research Centre fundamentally changes aircraft carrier concept. According to the article published at TASS news Agency, new design has already been presented for the first time at the Army-2018 forum at the end of August. Apparently no one noticed the offer.

    This new design concept is based on future semi-catamaran but the proposed project has no name yet. It will be

  • Bloomberg Underlines Turkey’s Role in F-35:  "Lockheed’s F-35 Has a Turkey Problem" - 05.10.2018

    US Based Economy Magazine Bloomberg Businessweek published an article that underlines Turkey’s role in F35 Program. The article has “Lockheed’s F-35 Has a Turkey Problem” headline.

    Magazine states US Congress’ decision to block the sale of F-35s to Turkey because of an agreement the Turks have to buy a Russian S-400 air defence system. Magazine states, &l

  • Two French FREMMs Fitting Aster 30 Long Range SAM - 05.10.2018

    The French Navy’s (Marine Nationale) last two FREMM Frigates (in anti-submarine warfare variant) Normandie (D651)  and Bretagne (D655) have been modified in order to be able to deploy MBDA's Aster 30 long range surface to air missiles. Earlier frigates of the class are limited to the shorter range Aster 15 missiles because of shorter VLS systems.

    As two Cassard-class Fr

  • Russian Su-35 Faced With American Obstacles In Indonesia - 05.10.2018


    Russian Daily Kommersant reported that Russia is having difficulty delivering 11 Su-35s to Indonesia due to the U.S. Law on Countering the Opponents of the United States through Sanctions (Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act /CAATSA).

    Earlier, it was reported that Indonesia will take delivery of the first aircraft this month. However, this is no

  • S-97 hits 200 knots - 05.10.2018

    The Sikorsky S-97 Raider light tactical prototype helicopter flew faster than 200 knots on September 21st at the Sikorsky Development Flight Centre, Lockheed Martin has announced. Raider, developed by Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) company, is based on the company's proven X2 Technology, enabling speeds twice that of conventional helicopters.

    The development of X2 Technol

  • Alternative Solution from Turaç - 04.10.2018

    Joining the Border Security and Military Radars Summit, Turaç Company exhibited non-lethal munition solutions. The event that was organized for the first time focused on finding solutions to border violations and on the course of action during these violations.

    Turac, which has a wide range of products for light weapons ammunition, has included ammunition types that can be used

  • Indian Missile to Russian Ship - 04.10.2018

    Russia and India, is close to sign an agreement on procurement of Project 11356 frigates. Delhi plans to equip ships with BrahMos, is aiming to sign a deal on the purchase this week. Technical details and negotiations were completed in 2017, and a total of four ships to be procured. The cost of the program is expected to be about 2 Billion US Dollars. Negotiations on the two ships from procured

  • Queen of Night - 04.10.2018

    The Royal Navy's F-35B Lightning II aircrafts have begun the night take-off and landing tests on board Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth (R 08). This is an important milestone for the Royal Navy. After the retirement of the HMS Illustrious (R 06), there was no platform capable of carrying a jet aircraft of Royal Navy.

    The night tests were started primarily in

  • 3D Printers Print by Learning - 04.10.2018

    The US Navy signed an agreement with Lockheed Martin for an R & D project. The project aims to take a new step in additive production technology for complex metals.

    The $ 5.8 million contract covers a two-year period. It is aimed to gain learning ability to the printers used in layered product technology that provides significant material savings and more sensitive products than c

  • Second Round of Amphibious Tests - 04.10.2018

    China's home-grown AG600 amphibious aircraft started its second taxi tests. High velocity tests also conducted on the water. During the tests, aircraft reached 145 km / h. During testing, the platform provided predetermined parameters. Stable and stable movements observed. Designed as the world's largest amphibian aircraft, the AG600 is powered by four turboprop engines. The platform, w

  • Critical 90 Days for Turkish F-35s - 03.10.2018

    Turkey will take delivery of two additional in 2019. Military Officer of The F-35 Lightning II Program Vice-Admiral Matt Winter announced that the platforms will be delivered to the Turkish Air Force in March. Admiral Winter told no indication of a change in the delivery of 100 F-35 fighter jets to Turkey in coming years. Pentagon has to issue a report on Turkish-American relations  for th

  • US Businessmen to Focus on Turkey - 03.10.2018

    The American-Turkish Council, which brings Turkish businessmen together with American industrialists and state authorities with the summits held in Washington DC, and will organize its 37th between 22-24 October, will lead US businessmen to Turkey in order to bring together with representatives of Turkish aviation and defense industry. The mission, called Aerospace & Defense Trade Mission w

  • China to Search Submarine from Space - 03.10.2018

    China decided to combine its progress in satellite and underwater observation technologies. The Beijing administration, which has been conducting researches on the underwater technology and satellite for some time and has been transferring serious resources to these activities, has taken action to use its accumulation in such fields and has started to work for the detection of satellite and sub

  • Al Shibl to Turkmenistan - 03.10.2018

    Turkmenistan introduced the Saudi vehicles that are put into service. Al Shibl vehicles, which Turkmenistan procured from Saudi Arabia, were also displayed at an military parade. Even though eight vehicles were displayed during the parade, the Ashgabat administration did not state how many vehicles were supplied. Recently, Turkmenistan increases military purchases from the Gulf countries and Tu

  • UGV to the British Army - 02.10.2018

    The T7 unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), developed by Harris, completed the acceptance tests. The system will be delivered to the British Army in November.

    UK’s Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Organiastion said that the vehicle had undergone a strict testing process and that an important cooperation was carried out with Harris.

    With the first four vehicle

  • Latest Version of BREN 2 BR - 02.10.2018

    Czech weapon manufacturer Česká zbrojovka (CZ), introduced the latest version of BREN 2 BR, a version of the BREN 2 rifle, which was adapted to the 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition.
    BREN 2BR was developed as an alternative to FN Herstal SCAR-H, AK-308, Beretta ARX-200 and other 7,62x51mm NATO ammunition firearms. The barrel of the rifle, whose weight is not yet disclosed, is 407

  • African Customer for Cayuse - 02.10.2018


    MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI), announced  the new MD 530F Cayuse order. Kenya signed a $ 1.4 billion agreement with MDHI for six armed MD 530F Cayuse helicopters. Under the agreement, the company will provide helicopters with training, logistic support, helicopter systems and ground support equipment. Deliveries will start in April 2019 and will be completed in August of the

  • Australia Continues with Boeing - 02.10.2018

    The Australian Government has announced an agreement with Boeing Defense Australia. Under the agreement, the company will provide technical support to the E-7A Wedgetail AEW (Airborne Early Warning) aircraft in the Royal Australian Air Force inventory. The agreement, which will continue until 2025, is estimated to cost US $ 1 billion.


    Earlier in 2014, Australia had si

  • GMLRS to Middle East - 01.10.2018

    Bahrain approved a large procurement agreement with the US. With an agreement estimated at US $ 300 million, the Bahrain Army will supply the GMLRS-guided artillery rocket and ATACMS missile from the US.


    The Kingdom of Bahrain has requested 120 M31 GMLRS pods, 720 rocket launchers and 110 ATACMS missiles. The agreement with the United States also includes engineering,

  • Kazakhstan signed an agreement with Russia - 01.10.2018

    Under the agreement, the Astana administration gained to military access to Russia's navigational system GLONASS. Kazkosmos, the aeronautical and space committee of Kazakhstan, will be presented as a source for the use of the system. Armed forces and military topographers will be primart users of system. GLONASS, which includes altitude, coordinate and position calculation as well as progra

  • Cost of F-35 is Reduced - 01.10.2018

    The US Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin have finalised an $11.5 billion contract for the production and delivery of 141 F-35 aircraft at the lowest per aircraft price in programme history.

    The US Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin signed a new agreement costs $ 11.5 billion. With this agreement, the prices of the F-35 Lightning II unit saw the lowest price they had rea

  • New Hypersonic Step from Far-East - 01.10.2018

    China conducted a test on scale models of three hypersonic aircraft. Tested vehicles can fly at both subsonic and hypersonic speeds.
    Platforms designed in different shapes and called D18-1S, D-18-2S and D18-3S. They were raised by balloon up to a predetermined altitude and then released to free fall. According to a report published in Chinese media, the speed of the vehicles can

  • China's FTC-2000G Conducts Maiden Flight - 01.10.2018

    The AVIC FTC-2000G has conducted its maiden flight from Anshun Airport southwest China's Guizhou Province. The first flight took place on 28 September. The FTC-2000G was developed by the Guizhou Aviation Industry Corporation under the state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). The aircraft, based on the FTC-2000 advanced jet trainer, is now multi-functional military aircraft

  • F-35B Jets Have Landed On Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth - 30.09.2018

    On the 25th of September Royal Navy Commander Nathan Gray landed an F-35B on HMS Queen Elizabeth.

    He was followed by Squadron Leader Andy Edgell, RAF, both of whom are test pilots, operating with the Integrated Test Force (ITF) based at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland.

    Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

    “The largest warship in British his

  • Global Hawk Drone Crash Caused By Faulty Data: Accident Report - 30.09.2018

    US explained why a US Air Force Global Hawk drone crashed and destroyed itself last year.  It is stated that the crash is as a consequence of the aircraft’s “erroneous” data.

    Incident investigation report published by the military this week claims that the drone, "having failed to detect the erroneous nature of LNA's navigational data, sent co

  • Australian $50 Billion Submarine Contract Deadlocked - 29.09.2018

    According to Australian Broadcasting Corp. (ABC) the Defence Minister Christopher Pyne refused to meet top French officials visiting the country this week. 

    Naval Group was selected in 2016 to build 12 submarines for the Australian Navy, in the country's largest-ever defence contract worth $50 billion. 

    ABC claaims that Minister  Pyne will only meet the ch

  • F35B Crashed in US - 29.09.2018

    The US military has suffered the first crash in its F-35 fighter jet programme.

    A F-35B jet came down in South Carolina, the Marine Corps said. The pilot managed to safely eject and there were no injuries.

    The Marines said in a statement that an investigation into the cause of the crash is underway.

  • First Phénix to France - 29.09.2018


    The French Air Force received the first A330-200 MRTT Phénix (Multi Role Tanker Transport) aircraft. The remaining eight aircraft will be delivered by 2023.

    Phénix is ordered for replace to aging KC-135R, C-135FR tankers and A340 and A310 transport aircraft in France inventory. A330-300MRTT has two Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engines. The aircraft with a maxim

  • Boeing to Replace T-38 - 29.09.2018

    Boeing announced on 27 September it won the US Air Force’s lucrative T-X trainer contract. Boeing beat out Lockheed Martin and a Leonardo-CAE-Honeywell team to replace the USAF's ageing Northrop T-38 Talon trainers. Boeing and Saab AB teamed to offer a clean sheet aircraft with Triumph Group providing the wing, vertical tail, and horizontal tail structures. Lockheed Martin teamed with

  • Azerbaijan Liked Polonez - 28.09.2018

    Azerbaijan received the new party Polonez surface-to-surface missile system. According to the statement made by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, the agreement reached with Belarus, the Baku received in the delivery of new systems.


    Eight 301 mm MLRS rockets or two 750 mm missiles can be launched from platforms Polonez has 250-kilogram conventional warhead and sys

  • New Tilt-Rotor UAS from Bell - 28.09.2018

    Bell introduced a mock-up of its new product at the USMC Tech Expo in the US. The V-247 Vigilant was developed to meet the needs of the US Marine Corps's vertical take-off multi-purpose combat UAS.

    In March, the Marine Corps issued an request for information document for the USMC Task Force Unmanned Aircraft System Expeditionary (MUX).

    According to Bell's statement,

  • Second Hand Hornet to Canada - 28.09.2018

    The US has approved the potential sale of the second-hand F/A-18 Hornet to Canada. After this, Canada announced that negotiations started for 25 jets with Australia. In the statement, if the negotiations and the approval process move as planned the first aircraft in 2019 was delivered to Canada. According to a report in the Australian Press, Canada will receive 18 jets, and seven jets can be su

  • New GPS On The Way - 28.09.2018

    The US signed a new contract with Lockheed Martin. Under the contract, company will produce GPS IIIF satellites 11 and 12. In addition to production, it will also be responsible for development, testing and simulators under the agreement,. The agreement has the option to develop up to 22 GPS IIIF satellites. The option also includes support for launching, storing and orbit support of satellites

  • US F-35 Conducts First-Ever Airstrike - 28.09.2018

    The US military's F-35B joint strike fighter conducted its first-ever airstrike on Thursday, according to the US Marine Corps and three US defence officials.

    F-35B neutralized Taliban targets in Afghanistan. The aircraft involved were the US Marine Corps' variant of the aircraft flying from the USS Essex amphibious assault ship.

    The Marines confirmed the strike in a

  • Ancient EW Suite to Greece - 27.09.2018

    Greece has decided to take action to respond to an important need of the Hellenic Air Force, albeit late. With this decision, an electronic warfare suite will be integrated into 60 F-16C / D Block 52+ aircraft belonging to Greece. The integration of the Greek F-16s with the electronic warfare protection system will be achieved after a long wait.

    Development phase of the ASPIS II syste

  • First Step from Switzerland for Long Range - 27.09.2018


    Switzerland's defense procurement office, Armasuisse, has issued a request for proposal. Three different participants were invited to participate in the long-range air defense system procurement  tender under the Air 2030 Program. The participants are Eurosam, Israel and Raytheon. Systems to be offered are SAMP / T, David’s Sling and Patriot. Armasuisse aims to r

  • Airbus Demonstrates Manned-Unmanned Teaming for Future Air Combat Systems - 27.09.2018

    The ability to control unmanned systems from a manned aircraft is an important “force multiplier” in Airbus’ vision for future air power say the company. This know-how has been confirmed in a dynamic and interactive way during manned-unmanned teaming (MUT) test flight campaigns successfully performed by the company. These campaigns included demonstrations with five Airbus-buil

  • ASELSAN’s CATS System Enters Turkish İnventory On Anka-S UAV - 27.09.2018

    ASELSAN’s Common Aperture Targeting System (CATS) E/O system has entered the inventory of the Turkish Air Force (TAF), Ismail Demir, President of the Turkish Defence Industries Presidency (SSB), announced on his personal Twitter account on 25 September. The CATS electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) reconnaissance, surveillance, and targeting system will be carried by the TAF's satellite-c

  • A-Darter Qualified - 26.09.2018

    South Africa-based Denel Dynamics announced the completion of qualification tests for A-Darter missile. Four launches were carried out during the tests and the target drones of the Skua developed by the same company were used as targets. Tests were performed in the Overberg Test Site. During the qualification, the system was passed three stages, lock on after launch, close air combat and electr

  • Chinese Eye for Serbia - 26.09.2018

    Serbia signed and agreement with China for procurement of unmanned aerial vehicles. Serbia took delivery of MiG-29 from Russia in recent weeks. It is stated that platforms that can be used in all weather conditions will also be able to use laser-guided ammunition. According to Serbian media, six platforms will be supplied. Some of them may be Wing Loong II. First flight of sytems are planned to

  • Russia’s Bastion Coastal Defence Fires Onyx Anti-Ship Missiles - 26.09.2018

    The Russian Navy has test-fired a supersonic Onyx anti-ship cruise missile for the first time. It was launched from the Bastion missile-defence system, which was recently deployed to the Russian Arctic.

    The Bastion launcher can carry two Onyx anti-ship missiles, which can engage targets at a range up to 300km with a high-low trajectory, or 120km with a low-low flight trajectory. Altho

  • TUSAŞ Offers Azerbaijan Cooperation On UAV - 26.09.2018

    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS) joined ADEX International Defence Expo held in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Prime Minister of Azerbaijan, Navrouz Memmedov, visited TUSAŞ at the fair to learn about indigenous products. TUSAŞ shared the visit information from the official twitter account. According to the information obtained by C4Defence, TUSAS directly conveyed the proposal for cooperation in unm

  • Airbus Signs Contract for Heron TP - 26.09.2018

    Airbus signed an agreement with Germany for Heron TP unmanned aerial vehicles. Under the agreement, Airbus will provide Heron TP and the necessary operational services for the German Army. Following the two-year preparation period, operational support services will be provided in the seven-year operational phase. Germany will receive five UAVs and four ground stations. The platforms will have e

  • Kh-35UEh Missile Launch İn The Pacific From the Russian Su-34 - 26.09.2018

    The Kh-35UEh airborne missile-mounted missile tested a Russian Su-34 aircraft in the Pacific Ocean. The test scenario was complex and portrayed the attack on a group of ships. In total, eight missile launches were made, which were successful.

    The Kh-35UEh anti-ship missile was developed and manufactured by the JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV) and tested on aircraft in 2017. Th

  • WFEL Introduces New Wheel Armoured Vehicle - 26.09.2018

    UK-based bridge manufacturer WFEL introduces the concept model developed for Boxer wheel armored vehicles.

    The bridge module developed for medium class vehicles is designed to be 14 meters wide. It was announced that the bridge, which works for extension to 22 meters, can be used in vehicles of 50 tons class. Thanks to the modular structure of Boxer, it is possible to use this module

  • Delay on Japanese Ospreys - 26.09.2018

    Japan has requested the postponement of delivery of MV-22B Osprey platforms. The dispute with the Saga region, where the platforms will be deployed, was shown as a reason for the request. It was announced that the negotiations with the local administration of the region on Kyushu Island is on progress. 


    Tokyo ordered 17 Bell-Boeing MV-22B Osprey in total. Japan w

  • Germany Plans to Sell Euro Hawk to Canada - 26.09.2018

    In a statement Monday, Germany's defence ministry confirmed talks with Canada were planned. No price tag or date was speculated but UAV cost $823 million to Germany.

    The German defence ministry has decided to “begin concrete negotiations with Canada for the sale of Euro Hawk aircraft, two ground stations and possibly certain spare parts,” Associated Press reported Mond

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