Issue 54  
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  • LSD Modernization Contract to BAE Systems - 21.11.2017

    The US Navy has awarded a $139,8 million contract to BAE Systems to modernize the dock landing ship USS TortugaBAE Systems announced the award on 16 November, saying the vessel will undergo 16 months of restorative work at the company’s shipyard in Norfolk, beginning in January 2018. The upgrade will extend the ship's service life beyo

  • Moore: Sales of Ocean to Turkey is Coop in Defence - 21.11.2017

    British Ambassador to Turkey Richard Moore gave information about the HMS Ocean Helicopter Landing Dock (LHD) talks between Turkey and the United Kingdom. Ambassador Moore, who attended at the meeting of the Diplomatic Correspondents' Association as a speaker, told C4Defence, "There is probably a limit what I can say about that because it is a commercial subject and there are sens

  • Russia Received Modernized Mortars - 21.11.2017

    The Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 13 November that the armed forces have received a batch of modernised 2S4 Tulpan self-propelled mortars. 

    The modernised mortars have been equipped with modern communications and control systems and passed acceptance trials.

  • Indian Army Want New UAVs - 21.11.2017

    The Indian Army has issued a Request for Information (RFI) on 16 November for the development and supply of 60 short-range remotely piloted aircraft systems. According to the RFI, the UAVs will be used for surveillance purposes.

    The UAVs to be developed are required to have a ceiling of 20,000 ft, an operational altitude of 15,000 ft, a range of 200 km, and a minimum endurance of

  • Second Destroyer Began Sea Trials - 21.11.2017

    The Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN’s) second of three Hobart-class Air Warfare Destroyers, Nuship Brisbane, has begun sea trials on 20 November. During the trials, the vessel's propulsion, manoeuvring, control, and navigation systems performance will be evaluated. Subsequently, the ship will undergo sea acceptance trials early in 2018 and delivered&nb

  • Two New UAVs by China - 21.11.2017

    Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has unveiled two models of its A-Hawk series at the 12-16 November Dubai Airshow 2017. The A-Hawk I and A-Hawk II UAVs capable of carrying out military surveillance, transport, and attack missions. 

    The A-Hawk I has a 30min endurance and a ceiling of 3,000 m and can carry 65 kg payload while larger A-Hawk II h

  • Tupolev's Bomber Will Undergo Modernization - 21.11.2017

    The upgrade of operational Tupolev Tu-22M3 long-range missile-carrying bombers will begin in 2018, Tupolev Aircraft Company CEO Alexander Konyukhov told TASS on Friday.

    The Tu-22M3M bombers will get advanced precision weapons while their radio-electronic devices and engines will be similar to the equipment aboard the latest Tu-160M2 aircraft. 

    The Tu-22M3 long-range sup

  • Israel To Begin Delivery to Philippines - 21.11.2017

    Philippines will receive Rafael Advanced Defense Systems’ Spike ER (extended range) missile systems before the end of this year. Philippine Navy announced on Monday that it would install the system on three of its brand new multi-purpose attack craft (MPAC). 

    The Philippine Navy chief said a pre-delivery inspection was already scheduled and&nbs

  • China's New ICBM To Enter Inventory - 20.11.2017

    China's Dongfeng-41 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) will enter People Liberation Army's (PLA) inventory in the first half of 2018. 

    A three-stage solid-fuel missile, Dongfeng-41 has a range of 12 thousand kilometres and can carry up to 10 nuclear warheads. 

  • Norway Takes Delivery of First SAR AW101 - 20.11.2017

    Norway has taken delivery of its first search and rescue-configured AW101. The helicopter will now undergo a period of operational testing and evaluation ahead of service entry with the Royal Norwegian Air Force in 2018. 

    The AW101s, acquired under $1,32 billion contract will replace Norway's existing fleet of Westland Sea Kings. 

  • Antitank Missile Move by India - 20.11.2017

    Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has decided to cancel the $500 million deal for Spike ATGM with Israel and asked Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to indigenously develop and produce a Man-Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile (MPATGM).

    Earlier, India had also rejected an offer from US-based Raytheon-Lockheed Martin for Javelin ATGM in favour of the Israeli weapon syst

  • French Frigate Passed Sea Trials - 20.11.2017

    The fifth French anti-submarine warfare (ASW) FREMM frigate, Bretagne, has successfully completed its first sea trials in Lorient. The vessel’s propulsion and navigation systems were tested. The frigate’s construction began in October 2013 and she is scheduled to be delivered to the French Navy in mid-2018.

    Three additional vessels, including Bretagne,

  • New Member to Hermes Family - 20.11.2017

    Elbit Systems has developed a small tactical-level unmanned aircraft system (UAS) dubbed Hermes 45 intended for ISR missions. According to IHS Jane's report, the UAS has a max endurance of 24 hours, a maximum takeoff weight of 65 kg, including a payload capacity of up to 15 kg, and can simultaneously operate with up to three payloads. Its payloads will include, among others,

  • $10,5 Billion US Sales to Poland - 19.11.2017

    The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Poland for an Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Battle Command System (IBCS)-enabled Patriot Configuration-3+ with Modernized Sensors and Components for an estimated cost of $10.5 billion.  The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of thi

  • First Flight by Russia's New Flying Radar - 19.11.2017

    The A-100 Premier airborne early warning aircraft made its first flight on 18 November carrying an advanced radar station, according to Russian Interfax. The prototype of the aircraft, planned to enter the Russian Air Force inventory in 2019, has flown in October 2016. The A-100 Premier, developed based on the Russian Il-76MD-90A, can locate the targets in the air, tracking the air, land a

  • Queen Elizabeth Joins the Navy - 18.11.2017

    The UK Royal Navy has come to the end of the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier's trials. The vessel is planned to join the fleet on 7 December. After joining the navy, the name of the vessel will be registered as HMS Queen Elizabeth. The ship is undergoing the second phase of testing. Leaving Portsmouth Harbor on 30 October, the communications, radar and other sensors of 

  • Offers Submitted For Altay - 17.11.2017

    The bid deadline for the mass production of the Altay Main Battle Tank, which was issued by the Turkish Undersecretariat of Defence Industries (SSM), ended yesterday. It was learned that BMC, FNSS and OTOKAR companies submitted offers for 250 tanks production package.

  • Japan's Hawkeye Took-off - 17.11.2017

    The US Northrop Grumman company announced on 13th November that the first flight of the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye (AHE) produced for Japan has been made. According to the company, the test flight was made on October 9 at the company's Aircraft Integration Center of Excellence in Florida, St.Augustine. The aircraft is able to surveil 360 degrees with its new design. The new AN/APY-9 ra

  • Half of German Leopard Tanks Are Out of Operation - 17.11.2017

    It was claimed that only 95 of the 244 Leopard-2 Main Battle Tanks on the German Land Forces (Heer) inventory were suitable for operations.

    According to the Funke Media Group's report based on a report written by the German Federal Ministry of Defence, more than half of the 244 powerful Leopard-2 type tanks are not suitable for operations. The report emphasized that 53 of the tank

  • UAV Market Will Continue to Expand - 16.11.2017

    Aerospace and defence industry market analysis company Teal Group's latest report shows that unmanned aerial systems will be the most dynamic growth sector of the world aerospace industry this decade. Teal Group's 2017 market study estimates that UAV production will increase from current worldwide UAV production of $4.2 billion annually in 2017 to $10.3 bil

  • First Japanese-built F-35 On Its Way to US - 16.11.2017

    First Japanese-built F-35A landed at Misawa Air Base on 2 November, according to US Pacific Air Forces. Maj. Elijah Supper piloted the brand-new aircraft from the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Komaki South F-35 Final Assembly and Check Out facility, and was quickly joined by two F-16 Fighting Falcons from the 115th Fighter Wing, Wisconsin National Guard, there to escort the new jet

  • MQ-9 Demonstrated ASW Capabilities - 16.11.2017

    General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI) has used an MQ-9 Predator B remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) to demonstrate its anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capability in a US naval exercise. During the drill, US Navy helicopters deployed a series of sonobuoys which were used to gather acoustic data to assist in the tracking of underwater targets. The data was then transmitted to the MQ-9 RPA

  • Laser Protection For Pilots by BAE Systems - 16.11.2017

    BAE Systems has developed a system to block dangerous laser light to protect pilots and flight crew from hostile attacks utilising a novel technology. The company stated in its press release that laser attacks targeting pilots and aircrews were becoming a major concern across the world with most attacks reported to take place during take-off and landing which were caused by cheap, hig

  • Tiltrotor Passed A Milestone - 16.11.2017

    Boeing and Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. announced yesterday the Bell Boeing V-22 fleet of tiltrotor aircraft, including both CV-22 and MV-22 variants, has surpassed the 400,000-flight hour milestone.The V-22 Osprey has been continuously deployed in numerous missions around the world, including casualty evacuation, tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel, humanitarian assistance/disaste

  • Turkey Interested In HMS Ocean - 15.11.2017

    The United Kingdom Defence Secretary Tobias Ellwood noted that Turkey is interested in the Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) HMS Ocean L12.

    Former secretary Jones asked the Ministry, "What kind of declaration has been made by the Turkish government if an improvement has not been made with Brazil in the procurement of the HMS Ocean Landing Helicopter Dock?", and Ellwood

  • BrahMos Deliveries To Begin in January - 15.11.2017

    The Indian Air Force (IAF) will begin taking delivery of the air-launched version of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles in January 2018, Russian TASS news agency reported on 13 November.

    The Indo-Russian joint venture BrahMos Aerospace is to begin deliveries of the BrahMos-A following the completion of trials against naval and ground targets. BrahMos-A mis

  • China's New UAV Unveiled - 15.11.2017

    China’s Beihang Unmanned Aircraft System Technology unveiled a new strike-capable reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) on 13 November at the company's facility in Taizhou. The UAV, dubbed as TYW-1, is a 9,85-metre long and 2,5-metre high platform with a wingspan of 18 metres. The new UAV can carry a 370 kg payload, features four underwing pylons,

  • C295 Sales Pass The 200 Mark - 15.11.2017

    The United Arab Emirates Air Force & Air Defence has ordered five Airbus C295 medium transport aircraft, announced at the Dubai Airshow. The aircraft will serve with the UAE Air Force replacing the CN235s still in operation. Deliveries will begin in the fourth quarter of 2018.

    With this order, Airbus' C295 sales passed the 200 mark.

  • Japan to Delay F-3 Programme - 15.11.2017

    Japan will likely to delay the decision to develop a new advanced fighter jet, known as the F-3. The new fighter was estimated at more than $40 billion to develop and deploy, and officials struggle to decide whether to proceed with the programme or to purchase additional US equipment including Lockheed Martin Corp’s F-35 jet and V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft, as well as new ballisti

  • UAE To Begin 'B-250' Production - 15.11.2017

    The United Arab Emirates' aviation company Calidus will soon begin production of a newly launched light attack fighter aircraft, B-250. The company displayed a B-250 prototype at Dubai AirShow while another prototype made demonstration flights. Rockwell Collins is a strategic partner in this project and will provide Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics system for the B-250. Ac

  • The EU Launches Defence Agreement - 15.11.2017

    The European Union has launched the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) agreement for the defence of Europe. The European Commission published an announcement explaining these developments yesterday in Brussels. Accordingly, the Defence or Foreign Affairs Ministers of the 23 EU countries signed the agreement. In a report published in Germany's voice radio Deutsche Welle, there wer

  • Tactical Satellite Link to French AWACS' - 15.11.2017

    French Air Force's fleet of four E-3F AWACS aircraft will receive a tactical satellite data link, French Ministry of Defence announced on 13 November. This capability will enable an in-theatre aircraft to exchange tactical situation reports with distant command centres that are out of radio range but connected to secure IP (Internet Protocol) networks. The data will

  • Air-to-Ground Drill by Korea - 14.11.2017

    The Republic of Korean Army carried out its first air-to-surface missile firing exercise using eight Apache attack helicopters on Monday. A Hellfire guided missile was launched by each helicopter and hit its designated targets on the sea. The Hellfire missiles were launched from different distances and in different manners so the pilots can better familiarize themselves with the

  • Northrop Delivered the First Triton to USN - 14.11.2017

    Northrop Grumman delivered the first operational high altitude, long endurance (HALE) MQ-4C Triton unmanned aircraft to the US Navy, the company announced on 10 November. Northrop Grumman is expected to deliver the second operational Triton aircraft later this year. With its endurance of 24 hours at a time, Triton provides persistent 360-degree maritime domain awareness through vessel

  • Falco EVO Delivery to Middle East - 14.11.2017

    At the Dubai Air Show, Leonardo has announced the completion of the first delivery of its Falco EVO Remotely-Piloted Air System (RPAS) to its launch customer in the Middle East. The first of the newly-built aircraft was completed in August with the acceptance test carried out at Leonardo’s RPAS design and construction facility in Ronchi dei Legionary, Italy. It was del

  • Taiwan Took Delivery of Orions - 14.11.2017

    Taiwan has taken full delivery of the 12 P-3C Orion aircraft military aircraft acquired from the United States to boost its anti-submarine warfare capabilities and will hold a ceremony in December to commission the Air Force said Sunday. The P-3Cs will replace a fleet of 11 S-2T anti-submarine aircraft that has been in service for more than 40 years. 

    The relevant sales contract

  • SmartGlider Expands to Middle East - 14.11.2017

    MBDA presents SmartGlider, a new family of air-launched guided weapons, for the first time outside Europe in Dubai AirShow. The new SmartGlider family of guided weapons is optimised to counter anti-access strategies and other emerging battlespace threats.

    MBDA Vice-President Middle East Florent Duleux said they were seeing a huge interest in the SmartGlider family

  • ASELSAN, The Most Valuable Company - 14.11.2017

    ASELSAN of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV) has earned the title of the most valuable company in Borsa Istanbul. Among the companies with the highest turnover in the world, the company ranked 57th in the Top 100 and the market value according to the Borsa Istanbul is 43,5 billion TL. Two other companies of TSKGV in the Top 100 list are Turkish Aerospace Industries TAI which ranked 61

  • QinetiQ Invests in UAE - 14.11.2017

    QinetiQ announced on 12 November that it had launched a joint venture with the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE’s) Middle East General Enterprises (MGE) to develop and built aerial and maritime target drones for test & evaluation, acceptance and training purposes. the JV will invest in the UAE to build and develop specialist engineering and manufacturing capability in-c

  • Su-35 Has Artificial Intelligence - 14.11.2017

    Sergey Çemezov, president of the Russian defence company Rostec, stated that Su-35 can prioritize threats by itself. Çemezov noted that the aircraft had artificial intelligence, and the aircraft could choose its primary targets with its intelligence. The multi-purpose fighter jet, Su-35, took its place at the Dubai Airshow 2017 for the first time, attracting attention with its exc

  • Will Tejas Go To Waste? - 13.11.2017

    The Indian Air Force announced that they did not trust Tejas, the indigenous fighter aircraft produced by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. According to the article published in India Today, the service explained that Tejas was far behind the equivalent aircraft. India showed the JAS-39 of Sweden and the F-16 fighter of the United States in the category of equivalent aircraft. It was noted th

  • Submarine Move by Korea - 13.11.2017

    The Republic of Korea and the US reached an agreement during their summit in Seoul regarding acquisition and development of cutting-edge weapons that would include nuclear-powered submarines and surveillance assets. 

    Reportedly, The Republic of Korea tends to purchase second-hand nuclear-powered submarines instead of building a new one.

  • US Investment In Ukrainian Aviation - 13.11.2017

    The US and Ukraine collaborate in the aviation industry. "UkrOboronProm" enterprise Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company and U.S.-based Oriole Capital Group reached an agreement on investment into the Kharkiv enterprise at Dubai Airshow 2017 under which Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company will receive the order for aircraft mass production in the a

  • C-2 On Display in Dubai - 13.11.2017

    Kawasaki Heavy Industries' C-2 transport aircraft made its debut at the Dubai Airshow. Powered by twin CF6-80CK1F turbofan engines, C-2 was designed to meet the requirements of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF). Since March, Kawasaki has delivered three aircraft to the JASDF, with a fourth plane coming this month.

    Japan is in talks with several pote

  • Ukrainian Tactical UAV Made First Flight - 13.11.2017

    Antonov's new tactical UAV Horlytsya, capable of staying in flight for 7 hours, operating at a 5 thousand meters altitude, has made its first flight. The UAV allegedly has 1000+ kilometres range and was indigenously designed to reinforce Ukrainian Ground Forces in conducting day and night reconnaissance under all weather conditions and transmitting the received data to t

  • Fifth-gen Requirement by Canada - 13.11.2017

    The Royal Canadian Air Force is planning to issue a new request for proposals for its fifth-generation fighter competition by 2019. Canada wants to replace the ageing CF-18 fleet and a winner is expected to be chosen in 2021, according to RCAF commander Lt. Gen. Michael Hood. 


  • $1,6 Billion Upgrade for UAE's F-16s - 13.11.2017

    Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $1,6 billion contract with the UAE government to upgrade F-16 fighter jets. The UAE Armed Forces announced the deal on Sunday which covers upgrade of 80 aircraft.

  • KARAYEL-SU on Display in Dubai - 13.11.2017

    VESTEL Defence is exhibiting the newest member of its UAV family, KARAYEL-SU (SU standing for Armed-Extended Wing in Turkish), at DUBAI Airshow. KARAYEL, a fully operational tactical class UAV developed and manufactured for reconnaissance and surveillance missions, has increased payload capacity and the endurance compared to its former version. 

    The indigenously designe

  • TAI Signed MoU With Russian IRKUT - 13.11.2017

    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has signed an agreement with Russian IRKUT company on strategic partnership at Dubai Airshow, being held between 12-16 November. According to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for strategic partnership and collaboration, two companies will carry out joint design and production in civil aviation.

  • Hürkuş Painted Red&White - 13.11.2017

    The first prototype of Hürkuş aircraft, designed and produced by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), was displayed with its new colours at the Dubai AirShow. This prototype of Hürkuş was painted in red and white colours. Turkish Air Force Command decided the colour of the platform, according to the information obtained. TAI is producing B version of Hürkuş to be used in trai

  • Airbus, Gave Place to ROKETSAN Products - 13.11.2017

    Airbus Defence and Space company participated in the aerospace fair held in Dubai with C295 transportation aircraft and exhibited ROKETSAN products as well. Airbus took its place in the fair with C295's Armed Intelligence, Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (C295 Armed ISR) aircraft. The company, which emphasized the use of a wide range of products for different types

  • EUROSAM on Track, S-400 Done - 11.11.2017

    Minister of Defence Nurettin Canikli made a statement about air defence projects during his visit to Giresun province: "S400 missiles has been purchased. It is now all details, but we are not contented with it. We are working with EUROSAM Consortium separately in order to develop our own air defence system. The co-operation aims again developing an air defence system, but our target is to

  • F-35 Will Kept Under Tent - 11.11.2017

    The first three F-35 Lightning IIs supplied for the Royal Norwegian Air Force landed at Norway's Ørland Air Force Base. According to the information received, a planning mistake was made regarding hangars to be built for aircraft. The planes will be kept in a tent as the hangars worth $250 million could not be completed. Speaking to Norwegian Adresseavisen newspaper, Major Aage Lyder

  • Tu-160M2 Will Take To The Skies - 10.11.2017

    The Tupolev Tu-160M2 strategic bomber prototype will take to the skies for the first time from the airfield of the Kazan Aviation Enterprise in February 2018, TASS reported on Thursday. A source in the Russian defence industry told TASS, "The plane with the factory number 804 based on Soviet aircraft breakthroughs will be rolled out of the final assembly workshop of the Kazan Avi

  • F-35 Will Have A Long Life - 10.11.2017

    A full-scale durability test airframe of the F-35A aircraft has successfully completed its third life testing, equivalent to 24,000 hours of ‘flying’, in a unique testing facility at BAE Systems’ site in Brough, East Yorkshire.

    The airframe, known as AJ-1, is representative of the F-35A Conventional Take-Off and Landing (CTOL) variant of the jet.

    While in t

  • Switzerland To Renew Air Defences - 10.11.2017

    Swiss Department of Defence announced on 8 November that the Federal Council took decisions in principle concerning the renewal of the means of protection of Swiss airspace. It is planned to acquire new combat aircraft and a new system of Ground-Based Air Defense (GBAD), for a maximum cost of 8 billion francs. 

    This means the Swiss Army's budget should be increased

  • Airbus To Produce Türksat 5A&Türksat 5B ComSat - 09.11.2017

    Turksat and Airbus companies signed an agreement for the production of Turksat 5A and Turksat 5B Communication Satellites. "We are pleased to see Turksat among us as the new Eurostar customer for the fleet's most powerful satellites," said Nicolas Chamussy, Airbus Space Systems President for the ceremony at the Istanbul Global Sat Show. "We were the first to offer full-electr

  • Global Call by India - 09.11.2017

    Indian Ministry of Defence issued a new Request for Information (RFI) for multipurpose Future Ready Combat Vehicles (FRCVs) on 8 November. The global RFI calls for detailed information on the proposed 50-tonne tracked FRCV by 20 December. 

    The Indian Army (IA) will replace the service’s ageing fleet of T-72 main battle tanks and wants to build 1,770 vehicles.

  • Airbus, Türksat Partnered For Satellite - 09.11.2017

    TÜRKSAT and AIRBUS companies have signed an agreement for the production of TURKSAT 5A and Türksat 5B satellites at the Global Sat Show.

  • Will Germany Resolve on "F-35"? - 09.11.2017

    Among the shortlisted Tornado replacements, Germany most likely to choose Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), according to a senior German Air Force official. The official said that the F-35 already fulfils most of the requirements of German Air Force replacing its Tornados in the 2025 to 2030 time frame and that it offers a number of other advantages. Also,

  • Karayel-su on Display in Dubai - 09.11.2017

    Vestel Defence's tactical unmanned aerial vehicle Karayel-Su will be showcased at the Dubai Airshow aviation fair to be held in Dubai on 12 November. The firm that has established close relations with the countries of the region will exhibit its most advanced UAV here.

    The improved version of the Karayel increased the wingspan by 13 meters from 10,5 meters to ensure that the

  • Hybrid Solution in Engine and MKEK - 08.11.2017

    Ahmet Taşkın, General Manager of Machinery and Chemical Industries Association (MKEK), started to work on establishing a hybrid structure for the company and its products. MKEK is conducting an R&D study for a diesel-electric hybrid engine solution that can meet the power requirements of armoured vehicle families, particularly the Fırtına Howitzer. The institution established cooperati

  • SAMP/T Signiture in the Centre of NATO - 08.11.2017

    Turkey, which has been criticized by the US and NATO Secretary General for supplying Russia's S-400 air defence system, has made a strategic move in this area. Turkish Minister of National Defence Nurettin Canikli, French Defence Minister Florence Parly and Italian Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti signed a goodwill agreement on cooperation in air defence in NATO's "Capital&quo

  • TAI's ANKA on Display in Thailand - 08.11.2017

    Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) showed off at the defence fair being held in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. TAI, which took part in the fair newspaper with two advertisements, an article and an interview, gave weight to ANKA. In the ANKA introductory article published in English, the UAV of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle was replaced by the UAS (Unmanned Aerial System). On the other han

  • Laser Support to Fighter Jets - 08.11.2017

    Lockheed Martin will provide support to the US Air Force Research Laboratory for laser development and maturation. The laser to be produced will be demonstrated on the aircraft for the first time in 2021.

    The SHIELD project of the United States consists of the initials of the words Self-protection High Energy Laser Demonstrator. The company signed a $26.3 million deal for this pr

  • Sweden Began Negotiations for Patriot - 08.11.2017

    Sweden will start negotiations for Raytheon's Patriot air defence missile system, according to Swedish government statement made on Tuesday. The deliveries are planned to begin in 2020. Sweden wants the system to become operational by 2025 at the latest. The contract value is estimated to exceed $1.2 billion, the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) said.


  • 'PiriReis' at 3rd Global SATSHOW'da - 07.11.2017

    STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. will be launching the new nanosatellite platform "PiriSat" at the 3rd Global SatShow space technology fair.

    The space-based Automatic Identification System (OTS) and "PiriSat" nanosatellite platform, (6U in size: 10cm x 20cm x 35cm), designed by STM indigenously will get in use for the first time in Turk

  • First F-35 Delivery To Norway - 07.11.2017

    Norway has received the first three F-35 Lightning IIs for the Royal Norwegian Air Force on 3 November. The aircraft flew from Fort Worth, Texas and landed at Ørland Air Base.

    Program Director for the F-35 program in Norway's Ministry of Defence, Major General Morten Klever, said a "First Aircraft Arrival of the first F-35s" celebration will be held

  • TAI Shows Off In Bangkok - 07.11.2017

    Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) participated in the Bangkok Defense & Security fair held between November 6-9, 2017 with HURKUŞ, T129 ATAK, MMU and ANKA. TAI General Manager Temel Kotil emphasized the importance of the Thai market and added that the meetings and visits were fruitful.

    The Turkish Ambassador to Thailand, Evren Dağdelen Akgün, visited the TAI booth and r

  • BAE Sensor for LRASM - 06.11.2017

    BAE Systems commenced US Navy’s long-range anti-ship missile (LRASM) sensor technology production as part of a $40m contract previously awarded by Lockheed Martin. 

    The LRASM will employ the sensor to seek and attack specific high-threat maritime targets within groups of ships, including those protected by complex anti-aircraft systems. BAE’s preci

  • The Last LST-2 Launched - 06.11.2017

    South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) launched fourth and final LST-2 tank landing ship Nojeokbong (with pennant number 689) on 2 November at its Ulsan dockyard. 

    According to HHI press statement, the vessel will be delivered to the Republic of Korea Navy (RoKN) in November next year and commissioned in 2019. The 127 m-long vessel&nbs

  • Scorpion Will Look For Launch Customer in Dubai - 06.11.2017

    Scorpion light-attack aircraft is set to make a debut appearance at the Dubai air show from 12-16 November. 

    Online flight tracking services show the twinjet as performing demonstration flights from Tabuk air base in Saudi Arabia on 1-2 November. Textron AirLand conducted the first flight of its production-representative Scorpion in December 2016. As the company seeks f

  • Mobile Strike Boost to Afghanistan - 06.11.2017

    Textron Systems received a delivery order for 55 Mobile Strike Force Vehicles (MSFVs) to the Afghanistan National Army. According to the Textron Systems, the first vehicle deliveries are scheduled for 2018. 

    689 MSFVs were delivered to the ANA between 2012 and 2015. 

  • High Hopes for Nirbhay - 06.11.2017

    The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is getting prepared for another trial of India’s first home-grown subsonic cruise missile Nirbhay. the test, scheduled for Tuesday this week, will take place at the Integrated Test Range (ITR) off Odisha coast. It will be fifth launch of the missile in the last five years.

    Nirbhay will be test

  • Engineer Quest for National Combat Aircraft - 05.11.2017

    Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) began the search for engineers for the National Combat Aircraft Project (TF-X). TAI said "The national combat aircraft will be the future of Turkey" in its announcement on the company's official Twitter account and called for the applicants by saying "The National Combat Aircraft, which is being developed indigenously by Turki

  • HAVELSAN's AW139 Sim Entered Inventory in Qatar - 05.11.2017

    The AgustaWestland AW139 helicopter simulation training center produced by Havelsan for Qatar officially commissioned. Havelsan announced on its official Twitter account that "The opening of the Qatar AW139 Simulation Training Center was held with the participation of Turkish and Qatari Defence Ministers." The Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM), on its off

  • Ukraine To Supply BTR-3DAs - 05.11.2017

    The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence ordered BTR-3DA Armored Infantry Vehicles to the Kiev Armored Plant. The amount of the order is kept undisclosed. The Ministry of Defence has made some noise regarding the price issue for a long time. On the other hand, there are also various comments on the quality of the vehicles. Ukrainian Ministry issued two orders in 2016 and 2017.

  • Rules Change In Air-to-Air - 04.11.2017

    It's been revealed that the US Department of Defence has developed a new air to air missile. The department's work on the issue is included in documents related to the 2018 defence budget. It has also been learned that this information has been revealed under a different name in the past and that it did not attract attention. The programme was conducted under the title of "dev

  • New Export by Meteksan - 04.11.2017

    Turkish Meteksan Defence company announced its new export success from its official Twitter account. The company exported indigenously developed avionics systems. The company signed a contract with a Far Eastern country for the export of avionics systems developed for aerial platforms. In the statement, it was said that the agreement was concluded last month. In 2016, Meteksan ha

  • SSM Website Renewed - 04.11.2017

    The website of the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industry (SSM) has been renewed In the new page, the national and indigenous platforms and systems were visually demonstrated. The news and announcements section has expanded. Projects were also included on the main page.

  • Deliveries On Hold Due To Rust - 03.11.2017

    The US Department of Defence has reported that a routine review at the Hill Air Base in Utah found rust in F-35s. The Ministry froze the air force's program for 30 days. Corrosion traces exceeding the limits allowed by the standards appeared at the site where the outer panel made of carbon fiber was joined to the aluminium casing. It was stated that the protective layer to be applied to the

  • Iran's Clear Message To Turkey - 03.11.2017

    Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran Seyed Kazem Sajjadpour has made important statements about global and regional policy and Turkish-Iranian relations at the Istanbul Security Conference organized by TASAM between 1-3 November.

    Speaking on the last day of the conference, Sajjadpour explained today's international and regional relations with his unique ABC approach. Sajjadpour said A

  • TCG Alemdar On Its First Mission - 03.11.2017

    A-582 TCG ALEMDAR Submarine Rescue Ship constructed by Istanbul Shipyard has sailed for its first operation.

    The rescue ship of the Turkish Naval Forces Command TCG ALEMDAR has been assigned on 01 November 2017 for the research operation of Turkish vessel "Bilal Bal" sank off Şile, Istanbul coast and successfully detected the sunken-ship while investigating it by i

  • 20th Anniversary Celebration by USAF - 03.11.2017

    The F-22 Combined Test Force held a ceremony Oct. 19 to commemorate the first flight of the F-22 Raptor. The first flight of the first F-22 aircraft took place Sept. 7, 1997. The fighter took off from Dobbins Air Reserve Base. The Raptor performs both air-to-air and air-to-ground missions and can fly at supersonic airspeeds (greater than 1.5 Mach) without using afterburner.

  • Design Organization Approval to STM - 03.11.2017

    STM Defence Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. has received the "Design Organization Approval" (DOA) from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which, together with this approval, has become authorized for design changes to be made on civil aircraft.

    Authorized by EASA DOA; STM will be able to inspect and approve changes to be made to certain levels of civil, airc

  • Ansat Pushes For +50°C - 03.11.2017

    The Russian Helicopters Holding Company started testing light multi-purpose Ansat helicopter in Pakistan. The objective of testing is to prove the ability to use the machine in high temperatures. It is planned to expand Ansat's temperature regime to +50° Celsius. Thus, its temperature range will be from -45° to +50° Celsius. 

    The company's Deputy CEO for

  • First Refuelling of Hawkeye AWACS - 02.11.2017

    Northrop Grumman announced the successful first refuelling of its E-2D Hawkeye early warning aircraft on 31 October. The first in-flight fuel transfer was made on 14 July from a US Navy KC-130 Hercules.

    The US Navy awarded Northrop Grumman the aerial refuelling contract in 2013. This capability gives the U.S. Navy the flexibility to conduct missions of more than seven h

  • Orion Modernization by Germany - 02.11.2017

    Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $158,5 million contract to upgrade German Navy's P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft (MPA). The company announced the signing of the contract on 1 November, which covers the second phase of German P-3C upgrade effort that began in 2016.

    The second phase includes design, development, manufacture, integration, installation, and

  • Tactical Mission System Modernization to Germany - 02.11.2017

    Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $158,5 million contract to upgrade German Navy's P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft (MPA). The company announced the signing of the contract on 1 November, which covers the second phase of German P-3C upgrade effort that began in 2016.

    The second phase includes design, development, manufacture, integration, installation, and

  • Construction Support to F-15s - 02.11.2017

    The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Qatar for support of its F-15QA multi-role fighter aircraft program for an estimated cost of $1.1 billion. The Defence Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale today.

    The Government of Qatar has requested support of its F-15Q

  • New Helos For Indian Navy - 02.11.2017

    Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has approved the $3,35 billion acquisition of twin-engine utility helicopters for the Indian Navy on 31 October. The country will purchase 111 helicopters, 16 of which would be imported in flyaway condition. The remaining 95 helicopters will be built under license by a joint venture between the original manufacturer and a local company of MoD's cho

  • New Rifle by Israel - 01.11.2017

    Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) will unveil an upgraded variant of its Tavor assault rifle, the Tavor 7 AR, at the Defence and Security Exhibition Thailand 2017 to be held on 6 November. 

    Manufactured from an impact-modified polymer, the Tavor 7 AR features a short-stroke gas piston operating system with a four-position variable gas regulator. The company offers rifles w

  • Last Steps For Ka-226T Production In India - 01.11.2017

    India commenced negotiations with Russian Helicopters regarding details of the production of Kamov Ka-226T light helicopters in India under license. Russian Helicopters CEO Andrey Boginskiy is going to meet India's Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in India and discuss when to sign a contract and which production facility will be used for the relevant work. 

  • UK's Carrier Undergoing Last Phase of Sea Trials - 01.11.2017

    HMS Queen Elizabeth has sailed from her home port, Portsmouth Naval Base, to undergo another phase of sea trials. The vessel is expected to be at sea for the next month and will be delivered to the Royal Navy by the end of the year. 

  • Here Are The New Helos - 31.10.2017

    The Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) shared the images of two new projects on its website. Atak helicopters was introduced with the following words:

    ATAK 2 ATTACK HELICOPTER PROJECT. The "ATAK 2 Attack Helicopter Project", which will be designed with fully indigenously at local facilities and with national capabilities, has been launched in the context of technologica

  • Su-35 Purchase To Be Finalized - 31.10.2017

    Planned under a Memorandum of Understanding between Indonesia's PT Perusahaan Perdagangan and Russian Rostec, Indonesia will soon sign a definitive contract for 11 Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker E fighters. According to Indonesia's Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu, the signing of the purchase would be conducted in November. 

    Su-35 is a Russian multirole f

  • Gripen E Goes Supersonic - 30.10.2017

    Saab announced that the Gripen E fighter aircraft flew supersonic for the first time over the Baltic Sea during a test on 18 October. The company said the aircraft sustained supersonic speed for a number of minutes, whilst carrying out maneouvres. 

  • New Mortar by Korea - 30.10.2017

    South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) is developing a new 120 mm self-propelled (SP) rifled mortar system. Speaking at the Defence IQ Future Mortar Systems conference, the Director of the Armoured Project Team at DAP revealed that a 120 mm mortar system that features improved accuracy, range, and rate of fire is being developed for the Republic of

  • NASAMS Step by Lithuania - 30.10.2017

    Lithuania, signed a $127,7 million contract with Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace on 26 October to complete the acquisition of system components for the Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS). The procurement contract of NASAMS launchers and missiles was signed in October 2016. 

    The contract signed on 26 October provides for the delive

  • Training Aircraft Support by Japan - 30.10.2017

    Japan's Ministry of Defence announced on Wednesday that the country will give five military training aircraft to the Philippines at the end of March 2018.

    In September 2016, Tokyo and Manila agreed to the original TC-90 deal that saw Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force lease two aircraft to the Philippines for a year starting in March. In addition to two TC-90 planes curr

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