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  • Submarine Intensity Increases in the Far East - 20.01.2018

    Republic of Korea received ROKS Hong Beom-do submarine, the seventh of KSS-II Class. The platform laid down in March 2016 was built in less than two years.

    Submarines, which Type 214 class submarines are arranged according to the needs of the Republic of Korea, are also known as the Son Won-Il Class. Platforms with torpedo guidance and detection system and target tracking system can f

  • Bid Time for ACV 1.1 - 20.01.2018

    Proposals time for ACV 1.1 have begun. BAE Systems was the first company to bid for the advanced system.

    The R & D phase of ACV 1.1 began in November 2015 and a total of 16 prototypes were delivered. US Marines are planning to begin the low rate initial production phase in June 2018.

    The platform, developed for replace AAV-7 vehicles, is capable of swimming 12 nautical m

  • Hisar-O Tests at Salt Lake - 20.01.2018

    Test launchs of "Hisar Air Defense Systems Project” which is Turkey's national air defence systems will start. In this frame, application of "flight-prohibited zone" was started. It was announced that the tests of the Hisar-O Medium Altitude Air Defense System will take place between 22 January and 4 February. Announcement published on the website of the General Staff.

  • Delay on S-400 - 19.01.2018

    With the agreement signed in 2014, China supplied the S-400 air defense system. It is stated that deliveries started in last days. Cargo ship which is carrying S-400 systems left Ust Luga Port in Russia, and sailed to China. Ship caught storm while on route to China and precious Cargo has been damaged due to storm.

    After detection of damage on cargo, systems that are not damaged will

  • UAV Competition - 19.01.2018

    US Coast Guard has frequently used drones as part of its anti-drug combat operations last year. Following success of the drones on operations, the US Coast Guard decided to equip all its cutters with drones.

    It is stated in command office that the tender will be opened in the coming weeks for the UAVs. The upper limit for the tender, which is planned to be completed in the third quart

  • Mine Clearance Mission to Altay - 19.01.2018

    Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) wants to develop a new mine clearance vehicles using the Altay Tank's body. SSM invited companies to participate in the project with the Request for Information (RFI) issued on 16 January.

    The project foresees the development of a vehicle which is capable of disassembling and detonating anti-tank and anti-personn

  • Carrier Rotary Wing Trials Set To Begin - 19.01.2018

    The British Royal Navy’s newly commissioned aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has commenced preparations for its rotary wing trials at sea. An anti-submarine Merlin helicopter has been training on-board the carrier at Portsmouth Naval Base as part of the preparatory tests. 

    The helicopter has been used to verify the flight deck and hangar facilities by con

  • Special Op Vehicle Boost to New Zealand - 19.01.2018

    Supacat company has announced that the fleet of Special Operations Vehicles – Mobility Heavy (SOV-MH) has been accepted by the New Zealand Ministry of Defence. The fleet is to enter service with the New Zealand Defence Force early this year. 

    The new SOV-MH vehicles are based on the latest MkII version of Supacat’s HMT Extenda which can be configured to eith

  • Bulgaria's Su-25 Fleet Grounded - 19.01.2018

    The Bulgarian Air Force’s fleet of Sukhoi Su-25 twin-engine ground attack aircraft ceased operations from Bezmer because of a lack of resources to overhaul them, the aeropress-bg web portal of the Bulgarian aviation magazine AERO reported on 15 January. The last Su-25 flight was conducted on 14 December 2017, and the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence is looking for solutions for ending the gr

  • Israel Going Mobile - 19.01.2018

    The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) are set to introduce a new portable command, control, and information (C2I) system for its ground forces that will take the form of a smartphone and smartwatch that together will provide real-time information to officers on the location of friendly and hostile forces, as well as analysis of the situation in the area and route suggestions, Jane's reports.

  • J-20 Conducted First Exercise - 19.01.2018

    China's fifth-generation stealth fighter J-20 participate in its first combat exercise. People’s Liberation Army Air Force said in a news release on Thursday that several J-20s took part in a series of combat exercises against the less-advanced J-16 and J-10C. The exercises took place in an undisclosed air base and lasted nine days. The military said J-20s practised bey

  • Countdown Began for New Transport Aircraft - 19.01.2018

    The Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Plant (VASO) accelerated the process of the new Il-112V light transport aircraft. In the statement made by officials, it is stated that the first prototype is in the final assembly phase and the production of the second prototype is started. Second half of 2018 was marked for the first flight, while the first prototype assembly is scheduled to be completed in

  • New Base to US Navy - 19.01.2018

    The US Navy's Naval Base USNS Hershel "Woody" Williams (ESB 4) started sea trials.

    The construction work began in 2015, platform was laid down in 2016 and launched in August 2017. The christening ceremony of the ship was held on September 21st.

    The 239 meter long platform is designed flexible enough to be used in mine countermeasure, anti-piracy operations, mar

  • US Offers 'SuperCobra' - 18.01.2018

    The US Government decided to offer surplus Marine Corps Bell AH-1W SuperCobra attack helicopters to international customers from February. 

    The helicopters entered service with the USMC in 1986. Powered by twin General Electric T700-GE-401 engines, the AH-1W has a top speed of 147 kt, a range of 256 n miles (474 km), and a service ceiling of 18,700 ft (limited to 10,000 ft b

  • G36 To Replace AK-4 - 18.01.2018

    The Latvian National Armed Forces (NAF) have signed a framework agreement and purchase contract with Heckler & Koch for G36 assault rifles, the Latvian Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 11 January. Under the seven-year $15.85 million contract, Heckler & Koch will deliver the rifles to the NAF and State Border Guard from 2018. The rifles will replace the AK-4 assault rifle.

  • 'Spike' Deal Back on the Table - 18.01.2018

    India's 'Spike' deal, which the Indian Ministry of Defence announced its cancellation in the past couple of weeks, is back on the government's agenda.

    Following the visit of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to New Delhi in India, India's $500-million Spike missile deal is on the table once more. While the negotiations are progressing in a positive direction,

  • S-400 Deliveries to China Commenced - 18.01.2018

    Moscow has begun the delivery of the S-400 Triumf air defence missile systems to China under the 2014 contract, a source close to the Russian system of military cooperation told TASS on Thursday. "The implementation of the contract has begun, the first shipment has been sent to China," the source said. According to the source, the shipment includes a control station, a radar stat

  • $500 Million Rifle Purchase by India - 18.01.2018

    Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has approved the procurement of 72 thousand 400 hundred assault rifles and 93 thousand 895 hundred close-quarter-battle (CQB) carbines for $553,33 million on 16 January. The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) said the acquisition will meet the immediate requirement of the Indian Army. The ministry expects competitive bidding to start soon.&nbs

  • 'High' Collaboration in UAVs - 18.01.2018

    According to Indonesian newspaper The Jakarta Post, aircraft company PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) is collaborating with Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) to produce unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which are capable of flying at a maximum height of 40,000 feet. 

    Arie Wibowo, director of production at PTDI, told Jane’s on 18 January that the development programme wou

  • Stinger Again - 18.01.2018

    The US Army shelved FIM-92 Stinger 15 years ago. And now, Stinger is back in the Army use.

    Stinger is a system that has been used since the '70s. US and NATO troops in Europe have seen gap in short range anti air defence systems and portable air defense weapons. After all, US Army decided to bring Stinger back to use. According to the statement made by the authorities, the maneuve

  • OSV-96 at Asia - 18.01.2018

    The Z111 factory of Vietnam's Ministry of Defense has announced that it produces an OSV-96 anti-material rifle.

    OSV-96s which produced under license by Z111 factory are Russian origin. The weapon, which uses 12.7x108 millimeters ammunition, has a semi-automatic mechanism. Designed by the Russian KBP Design Bureau, the rifle can be used from 2500 meters aga

  • B-52s To Assume Responsibility from Lancers - 17.01.2018

    Six US B-52H Stratofortress bombers and approximately 300 Airmen from Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, are deploying to Andersen AFB, Guam, in support of U.S. Pacific Command’s Continuous Bomber Presence mission. 

    The Stratofortresses, last deployed to the region in July 2016, will assume responsibility for USPACOM’s CBP operations near the end of January 2018 fro

  • India Simplifies Procurement Procedures - 17.01.2018

    Indian Defence Ministry has relaxed its procurement norms to encourage developing private-sector companies to participate in military tenders. The Defence Acquisition Council introduced significant changes in the ‘Make II’ category of the Defence Procurement Procedure, allowing even start-ups to develop equipment for the Indian Armed Forces. As per the procedure, no government fundi

  • Sarsılmaz Ranked First in the Handgun Race - 17.01.2018

    Turkish arms manufacturer Sarsılmaz has been awarded a 110 thousand-weapon contract for its handgun developed under "Original Indigenous Gun Project'. According to the statement made by the company on its official Instagram page, the company successfully completed the test-firings cunducted under national handgun project. 

    Turkish Undersecreteriat for Defence I

  • Norway, Finland Cooperates In Missile Systems - 17.01.2018

    Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (Kongsberg) and Patria have entered into an agreement to develop opportunities for cooperation on missile systems. The agreement comprises the establishment of a Missile Competence Center in Finland, Open Tactical Framework (OTF) core technologies and system architecture software for missile programs in Finland and international opportunities linked to these ca

  • F-35 Qualification to Nimitz - 17.01.2018

    The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) successfully completed Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS) Carrier Qualifications for the F-35C Lightning II program, carrier qualifying the first nine fleet aviators in the new aircraft, while underway at the end of 2017. 

    One of the milestones was with the information infrastructure, ALIS that allows operators to

  • IN, Wants $25 Billion for Third Carrier - 17.01.2018

    Indian Navy (IN) is to spend around $25 billion for a third aircraft carrier, India Today reported. The Navy currently operates one aircraft carrier, INS Vikramaditya, while another one, INS Vikrant, is under construction at the Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL). The Navy has plans of buying 57 twin-engine fighter planes for the third aircraft carrier for which American F-18 and Fren

  • Poland Invites Leonardo For Talks - 17.01.2018

    Poland is interested in purchasing eight more M-346 advanced jet trainer aircraft from Leonardo and sent an invitation to the company to participate in talks regarding the deliveries. The country wants to initially purchase four trainers, but with an option for another four. Poland also wants the deliveries to begin by 2020. 

  • Modernized 'Pechora' Passed Tests - 17.01.2018

    Ukrainian state design bureau Luch and Radionics company successfully tested the modernized S-125 M Pechora surface-to-air defence missile system during which a 5V27D-M2 missile with an active radar-guided warhead was launched.

    According to Luch Design Bureau statement, the rocket moves along an aeroballistic trajectory at the initial stage, which substantially increases the

  • New Submarines Launched - 16.01.2018

    The Singapore Ministry of Defense has announced two additional Type 218SG air independent submarines have laid down. The steel cutting ceremony of the new submarines held 12th January.

    The contract for additional submarine construction was signed in May 2017. It is stated that the first two submarines ordered in 2013 and they will be delivered in 2021 and 2022, and the construction pr

  • TF-X Discussed - 16.01.2018

    A meeting held about process of the TF-X Project. Turkish and British officials have met on January 13th. Negotiations were made on the process of the Project.

    State Secretary of Foreign Trade Liam Fox, CEO of Rolls-Royce Warren East, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, Defense Industry Secretary Ismail Demir and CEO of TAI, Temel Kotil and another officials attended to the meeting. The m

  • Transition to Domestic Systems in Air Defence - 16.01.2018

    Under the short-range, low altitude air defence system contract signed between the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) and ASELSAN, 35-millimetre towed weapon system modernization work has been commenced with the serial production of Fire Management Device (AIC) and fragmented ammunition series.

    The transition process to domestic systems has been hereby ini

  • Leonardo To Lead The EU Project - 16.01.2018

    Leonardo has been selected to lead the team that is to work under the first research project funded by the European Union, the OCEAN2020. OCEAN2020 will boost technological research in the naval domain also by the integration of unmanned platforms in surveillance and interdiction missions. The EU fund, launched in 2016 to build the union’s military capabilities, foresees a pooled €5

  • India Retired Two Corvettes - 16.01.2018

    The Indian Navy has decommissioned the Veer-class corvettes INS Nirbhik and INS Nirghat on 11 January. The vessels were commissioned in 1987 and 1989, respectively. According to Indian Navy statement, the corvettes were armed with four surface-to-surface missiles, a medium-calibre AK-176 gun, and AK-630 close-in weapon system. 

  • PLAN Inducts Type 054A Frigate - 16.01.2018

    China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) commissioned its latest Type 054A-class guided-missile frigate Rizhao on 12 January. The 134-metre long, 3,500-tonne platform is the 26th frigate of the class to have entered service with the PLAN. 

    Type 054A (Jiangkai II) class frigates are powered by four SEMT Pielstick diesel engines an

  • HMS Audacious Completes First Dive - 16.01.2018

    The fourth Astute-class submarine, Audacious, which is being built by BAE Systems for the Royal Navy, has completed her first ever dive at BAE's facility in Barrow, the company announced on 15 January. 

    The operation, which saw Audacious submerge fully underwater for the first time, tested many of her on-board systems and proved the safety and stability of the 7,400-tonn

  • Deal Inked on National Defence System - 16.01.2018

    ASELSAN today issued a contract announcement on the development of a national long-range defence system. According to the announcement, a national long-range defence system project contract was signed between partnership ASELSAN, ROKETSAN, TUBITAK SAGE and the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries on January 15th.

    Under the contract, the share of ASELSAN is 869 million 13 thousand 8

  • T-50's Stuck in Malaysia - 16.01.2018

    The two KAI-made T-50THs for the Royal Thai Air Force, which were forced to divert to Kuantan, Malaysia on their way to Thailand due to extreme turbulence, will stay in Malaysia for two more weeks before they head home according to reports by local media.

    The two aircraft were inspected after their landing in Malaysia and some damage was revealed. According to local media, i

  • 'CODE' Program Moves Into 3rd Phase - 15.01.2018

    The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced the completion of the second phase in Collaborative Operations in Denied Environment (CODE) program on 8 January which aims to extend the capability of the US military’s existing unmanned aircraft systems to conduct dynamic, long-distance engagements of highly mobile ground and maritime targets in contested

  • Blackbird Replacement Concept by Boeing - 15.01.2018

    Boeing unveiled a conceptual model for a new hypersonic jet what might be a replacement for the SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft. According to Aviation Week Aerospace Daily, the model was displayed at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics SciTech forum in Orlando. 

    Boeing says the plane would be capable of speeds in excess of Mach 5. Th

  • Target 'Reduced' In Frigate Program - 15.01.2018

    The US Navy has set the unit cost target for the planned 355 frigate fleet as $800 million. The upper limit for the frigates set by the US Navy, which focused on developing cost-effective and fast solutions within the framework of the frigate program that started with the Request for Information released last summer, is $950 million. James Guerts, Assistant Undersecretary of the US Navy respons

  • Radar Defect Will Cost Belgium 18 Months - 15.01.2018

    Belgium's four new NH-90 helicopters will be grounded from next week due to a radar defect. Acquired in 2015 to replace Sea Kings, the Belgian Air Force NH-90s will be out of operational use for up to a year and a half owing to their defective radar system. The staff operating the aircraft have said that the radar was automatically shutting off and must be repaired by the man

  • 2018's First Exercise to Focus on Landing on Highways - 15.01.2018

    Russian pilots will train to land on a highway during their exercise, Southern Military District Spokesman Vadim Astafyev told TASS on Friday. According to Astafyev, the air task unit of the Fourth Air and Air Defence Forces Command began the first training exercise of the year, during which the pilots will train to land on a Rostov Region highway. 


  • T-50 Deliveries to Thailand Delayed - 15.01.2018

    The Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) postponed the handover ceremony of the first two T-50TH Golden Eagle training aircraft out of 12 ordered from Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) indefinitely. The ceremony, which was earlier scheduled to be held at the Takhli on 12 January, was delayed upon KAI’s notification that the trainer jets need more checks. According to the Korean manufacturer’s

  • US Army Realigns AH-64E Apache FOTE - 15.01.2018

    The US Army announced realigning its Follow-On Test and Evaluation (FOTE) of technology insertions for the AH-64E Apache helicopter on 9 January. Accordingly, FOTE II is planned to take place in the third quarter of fiscal year 2019, one year later than initially planned. The delay is aimed at increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the operational testing, the army stated. The FOTE event wi

  • Canadian Hand to the Mexican C-130s - 13.01.2018

    Canada will modernize avionics of Mexican Air Force's existing C-130 fleet. Cascade Aerospace Inc. (Cascade), will make integration of the Rockwell Collins production avionics.

    Within the modernization, advanced avionics will be installed on the aircraft. Rockwell Collins production Flight2 TM digital avionics süit will be applied to aircrafts. The agreement also includes &nb

  • Ship Construction: Ahead Full - 13.01.2018

    Russia laid down the new corvette named Nikolay Silyagin. The ship which is laid in Gorki Shipyard is the fifth of Project 22160 class.

    The platform designed by the Severnoe Bureau in St. Petersburg will be able to take part in the defense of the fleet, the protection of economic territories and anti-piracy operations. The platform can serve 60 days autonomously who can reach 30 knots

  • Wi-Fi gets in battlefield - 13.01.2018

    US Army is preparing to use Wi-Fi technology in battlefield to secure fast reliable mission command and network communication.  Following the relocation of a command post on the battlefield, referred to as a “jump,” Secure Wi-Fi enables critical network and mission command systems to come up online in minutes, versus waiting many hours for Soldiers to wire a command post for ne

  • Indonesia Strengthens Navy - 12.01.2018

    The Indonesian Navy commissioned its second SIGMA 10514 class guided missile frigate. Ship is named as KRI I Gusti Ngurah Rai and her pennant number determined as 332.

    The ship was built by PT PAL shipyard in with technology transfer of Dutch Damen Shipyard. The SIGMA class frigates are also known as the Perusak Kawal Rudal Class Guided Missile Frigate in Indonesia.

    The 105-

  • Piranhas Go Up to Balkans - 12.01.2018

    An important step has come from Romania, which modernizing it’s army in last years. The Romanian Defense Minister inked an agreement of 227 Piranha V procurement. Total contract price of eight wheel drive vehicles is 1 billion US dollars.

    Romania will produce 197 of these vehicles under licence in a plant placed in Bucharest. Romanian Armed Forces, who want to phase out old Sovi

  • Military Satellite “Zuma” Goes Missing After SpaceX Launch - 12.01.2018

    A military satellite launched by Space Exploration Technologies Corp. is missing. Elan Mask’s SpaceX’s Falcon 9 lift off successfully from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Sunday carrying a classified payload code-named Zuma. The U.S. Strategic Command stated it wasn’t tracking any new satellites, an indication that the satellite somehow failed to deploy properly.

  • Solution Quest for Autonomous Helo - 12.01.2018

    The French defence procurement agency has awarded a contract for technology development in the field of rotary-wing drones to the Naval Group and Airbus Helicopters consortium. Announced on 11 January, the contract covers de-risking studies ahead of construction of a VSR700 demonstrator. The study will help select the principal technologies for the Navy Airborne Drone System (SDA

  • Korea Eyes Turkish Market for T-50 - 12.01.2018

    The Republic of Korea takes decisive steps towards improving cooperation in the military field with Turkey and training of Turkish pilots in the Republic of Korea. In this context, the chief of staff of the Republic of Korea Air Force Gen. Lee Wang-ke will visit Turkish Armed Forces Chief of Staff Hulusi Akar in Turkey.

    The country, which previously inducted K

  • TAI Took Another Step For Skilled Labour - 12.01.2018

    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) signed a cooperation protocol with Hacettepe University regarding the education of university students. In this context, Hacettepe Vocational School students will work at TAI facilities for at least two days a week, to practice in the areas they are trained and to be directed according to TAI's needs. Students who successfully complete the program will hav

  • Greenlight for SM-3 Sales to Japan - 12.01.2018

    The US State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Japan of Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) Block IIA missiles for an estimated cost of $133.3 million on 9 January. The Government of Japan has requested a possible sale of four Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) Block IIA missiles along with four MK 29 missile canisters and technical assistan

  • UK's Final Farewell To Lynx - 12.01.2018

    The UK Army will retire its last AgustaWestland Lynx helicopter on 16 January. First commissioned in its AH1 standard in 1978, the army's last upgraded Lynx AH7s were retired in July 2015. The Royal Navy also ended operations with Lynx HMA8 in March 2017. The helicopters have been gradually replaced by AW159 Wildcats.

  • US Seeks More Than 100 Light Attack Helos - 12.01.2018

    The US Army has issued a request for information (RFI) for up to 120 Boeing AH-6 light attack and reconnaissance rotorcraft for Saudi Arabia and other undisclosed customers. The relevant notification published on 9 January on Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) website covers the manufacture and delivery of the ‘Little Bird’ helicopters in the AH-6SA (Saudi Arabia)

  • BMPT Surprise - 10.01.2018

    Russian Ground Forces will receive a new delivery from Uralvagonzavod in March 2018. This delivery package will consist of 11 BMPT fire support vehicles.

    Unlike earlier deliveries, the new Terminators were integrated on the T-90A chassis. The name of the new system is yet to be revealed.

  • LaWS on LPD Again - 10.01.2018

    The US Navy will test the laser weapon onboard San Antonio Class LPD. San Antonio Class USS Portland (LPD-28) selected as the platform for the tests Tests to be done in the fall of this year will test the laser gun on an LPD for the first time since 2014 after USS Ponce. The US Navy wants to use the laser weapons onboard Arleigh Burke Class destroyers and America Class amphibious assault ships.

  • A-10 Thunderbolt II's Grounded - 10.01.2018

    A-10 Thunderbolt II aircrafts at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base are grounded. It was announced that the flights were stopped because of the oxygen problems pilots had.

    At the end of November, flights were canceled when two pilots felt hypoxia-like symptoms during flight, and the both aircraft returned to the base using reserve oxygen systems.

    During the investigation of

  • Sarsılmaz's MPT-76 is Ready - 10.01.2018

    First prototype of Sarsılmaz’s MPT-76’s which is Turkey's National Rifle first prototype is appeared. With the appointment of the Defense Industry Executive Board, Sarsılmaz was working rifle production Sarsılmaz undertook the production of 10 thousand rifles. It was learned that Sarsılmaz produced a prototype and continued to work. The prototype of the rifle was the first to ap

  • Electronic Warfare System Contract to Lockheed - 10.01.2018

    Lockheed Martin has been awarded US Navy development contract to provide MH-60 helicopters with enhanced electronic warfare surveillance and countermeasure capabilities against anti-ship missile (ASM) threats. Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Off-Board Electronic Warfare (AOEW) Active Mission Payload (AMP) AN/ALQ-248 system, is a self-contained EW pod hosted by an MH-60R or MH-60S, which p

  • Capability Demonstration by HERO 400EC - 10.01.2018

    Israeli UVision has successfully demonstrated the Hero-400EC extended-range loitering system for a strategic customer. The demonstration, which took place in southern Israel in December 2017, proved the tracking and lock-on capabilities along with mission-abort and high-precision capabilities. The new electric engine of the munition with much lower acoustic and thermal signatures prov

  • India Cancelled Minesweeper Project with S. Korea - 10.01.2018

    ndia has cancelled the project to construct 12 advanced minesweepers in collaboration with South Korea at the Goa Shipyard after the project hit many roadblocks along the way. Goa Shipyard was nominated by the Indian Ministry of Defence to make 12  mine counter-measure vessels (MCMVs) for the Indian Navy. However, the $5 billion project had been stuck in diffe

  • New Workhorse to the PLA - 09.01.2018

    The CAIG produced Z-18A transport helicopter has seen which is in the Chinese People's Liberation Army Ground Force (PLAGF) Aviation Units use.

    According to the images published in China State Television, the platform is used by the PLAGF Aviation Unit. The helicopter was shown in the exercise held in the Uighur Autonomous Region in the western part of China.

    The Z-18 he

  • Cold Shower at JSTARS - 09.01.2018

    Raytheon is officially out from the JSTARS Modernization Program. Northrop Grumman became the winner of the tender.

    The US Government Accountability Office rejected Raytheon's protest on December 28th. This protest, which had not been announced yet for the results of the JSTARS Modernization Program radar deal, was a big surprise for the backstage.

    Raytheon offeredthe Ar

  • Su-30 Delivery to Kazakh Armed Forces - 09.01.2018

    Kazakhstan's Ministry of Defence press office announced that the Kazakh Armed Forces have received advanced Su-30SM fighter jets as part of the military and technical cooperation between Kazakhstan and Russia. The number of Su-30 delivered was not specified in the ministry's statement, however, it was noted that the armament of the aircraft was doubled and is now able to carry

  • Israeli Offer to Thailand's APC Upgrade Tender - 09.01.2018

    Israeli company Nimda confirmed to Jane’s that it is bidding to upgrade the Royal Thai Army’s (RTA’s) BAE Systems M113 armoured personnel carriers (APCs). if selected, The company will collaborate with local firms for upgrade work.

    Nimda’s proposal features its new M-113 N-2000 package, which integrates a Detroit Diesel 6V53T 300-hp engine a

  • T-50 Deliveries to Thailand Begin - 09.01.2018

    Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) has started deliveries of T-50 Golden Eagle fighter trainers to Thailand on 8 January. The first batch of four T-50TH (Thailand) aircraft were delivered the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) and the remaining eight of a total 12 will be handed over in a second batch. T-50THs will replace the country's Aero L-39 Albatros jet trainers. 

  • Raytheon, D13 Partnered for Counter-UAV Solutions - 09.01.2018

    Department 13, a software company specializing in counter-drone technology, announced a partnership with Raytheon on 8 January regarding the development of new solutions and to support existing counter-drone technologies. D13 and Raytheon initially will seek opportunities for MESMER, D-13's low-power, non-jamming, non-line-of-sight, non-kinetic counter-drone so

  • Russia to Set up Counter-UAV Task Force - 09.01.2018

    Russia is planning to set up groups within the special task forces for testing experimental models of equipment for fighting unmanned aerial systems. The country might deploy the groups on sites of national significance such as nuclear power plants. First Deputy Director of the Federal Service of National Guard Troops Sergei Melikov stated that 

  • Outer Hatch of the Sub Left Open - 09.01.2018

    India's indigenously-constructed nuclear submarine INS Arihant has reportedly suffered a major damage due to human error and been under repair for almost 10 months. According to the local news outlet, the outer hatch of the submarine is believed to have been left accidentally open, leading to ingress of seawater into the vessel. 

    Commissioned into ser

  • Japan's First Indigenous Supersonic Missile Ready For Serial Production - 08.01.2018

    Japan's Ministry of Defence completed the development of "ASM 3" missiles, which is the first supersonic air-to-ship missile in domestic production and starts mass production from FY 2019. The development of ASM-3 has begun in 2003. After conducting a total of 15 tests since July 2005, the analysis was completed at the end of last year. The missiles, which are to be used on F-2 fi

  • L3 Boosts International Initiatives via New Companies - 08.01.2018

    L3 Technologies announced on 4 January that it has established International Boards dedicated to supporting and growing L3’s military and commercial business in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Each group will be composed of L3 executives and local industry experts with relevant experience in business and geopolitical affairs and will oversee the development of an

  • Australia Equips Hobart Class With New CEC System - 08.01.2018

    Australia has begun installing the Co-operative Engagement Capability (CEC) system on its first two Hobart-class Air Warfare Destroyers. Testing of the setup on both ships is currently scheduled for 2018. Hardware components that have been delivered include planar array antenna assemblies associated with the AN/USG-2B variant of the syste

  • Two new signatures from India - 08.01.2018

    Indian Ministry of Defence has approved the procurement of P-8I Training Solution and Low-Intensity Conflict Electronic Warfare System (LICEWS).

    According to the MoD statement, the first P-8I aircraft was inducted in Indian Navy in 2013 and as of date, eight aircraft, based at INS Rajali Naval Air Station, have been fully integrated into Indian Naval operations. In 2016, the MoD pla

  • US Greenlight to Mexico - 08.01.2018

    The US State Department has approved an estimated $98,4-million sales of RGM-84L Harpoon Block II surface-launched missiles, Block II Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) tactical missiles and MK 54 Mod 0 lightweight torpedoes to Mexico on 5 January. 

    The Government of Mexico has requested to buy six RGM-84L Harpoon Block II, 23 Block II Rolling Airframe Missile (RA

  • Air Defence partnership with Eurosam - 05.01.2018

    French/Italian consortium Eurosam has signed a cooperation agreement with ASELSAN and ROKETSAN on long range air and missile defence system. The agreement was signed during President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s official visit to France, French President Emmanuel Macron. Cooperation agreement will last 18 months. According to agreement, missile programme will be ready in mid 2020s. System will

  • Saudi Arabian Defence Budget Expands Further - 05.01.2018

    Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Finance has announced a defence budget of about $56 billion for 2018 in late December. This shows a 10 percent increase compared to 2017 and makes the country's defence budget the fourth largest in the world after the United States, China, and Russia.

    According to the statement of the ministry, around 5 percent of this budget will be spent&nbs

  • Chinese Era in the Space - 05.01.2018

    China announced the official launch of the "Hainan No. 1" satellite constellation project on 14 December. Under the project, designed to enable full uninterrupted observations of the South China Sea, six low altitude optical satellites along with two hyperspectral satellites and two SAR satellites will be launched, the first of which is expected to be placed i

  • Su-30SM Will Form the Backbone of Russian Naval Aviation - 05.01.2018

    The multifunctional Su-30SM fighter will become the main aircraft of the Russian Navy and will be used in operational-tactical missions, the naval chief of the navy, Major-General Igor Kozhin, said.
    "In 2017, we carried out an upgrade in several directions: for example, the work on re-equipping the coastal-based operational-tactical aviation forces on Su-30SM aircraft was completed,

  • Typhoon To Drop Into Conflict Zone - 05.01.2018

    The Russian Ministry of Defence has released the first photo of a prototype of its new light airborne armoured vehicle, the Typhoon VDV. The ministry noted that the vehicle had undergone comprehensive tests, highlighting the presence of high protection and modern weapon systems. The vehicle was developed in response to rapidly improving small-arms technologies. armoured and armed Typh

  • Record Holder Helo Inducted to the Army - 05.01.2018

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Aviation has inducted two Z-18A medium transport helicopter into service on 4 January. 

    The Z-18A is the army transport variant of PLA Naval Aviation's Z-18 helicopters which are deployed on the aircraft carrier Liaoning. Commissioned after four years of extensive testing, the A variant has thre

  • ASELSAN Set Hands On Concrete - 05.01.2018

    Under the cooperation protocol signed yesterday between the Turkish Undersecretariat of Defence Industries and the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning General Directorate of Construction, a chipped system 'e-concrete' application will be commenced. The project is aimed at bringing the error, loss of material and pilferage rates in concrete to the nearest zero or zero, a

  • China Began Construction of Third Aircraft Carrier - 05.01.2018

    According to Chinese local media, China started construction of its third aircraft carrier at a Shanghai shipyard last year. 

    Reportedly, the shipyard is still working on the carrier’s hull, which is expected to take about two years. The vessel will have a displacement of about 80 thousand tonnes and will be equipped with an advanced launch system.

    China curr

  • French FAC to Saudi Navy - 05.01.2018

    French shipbuilder CMN has been awarded €250-million contract to start construction of three FS56 patrol boats for the Royal Saudi Navy, French La Tribune reported.

    The vessels to be delivered are based on the company’s Combattante FS56 fast attack craft. According to company specifications, the vessels are 56 meters in length and capable of reaching speeds of up to 38 knot

  • A400M Production Rate To Decrease - 04.01.2018

    Airbus will cut back the production rate of its A400M military transport aircraft in the coming years to absorb excess “inventory at plant level,” a company spokesman confirmed to on 3 January.

    Airbus will produce 15 A400Ms in 2018, and just 11 in 2019, “in order to optimize long-term programme planning and ensure a sustainable future for the A4

  • First Export Customer for Saab's New Torpedo - 04.01.2018

    Saab has signed a contract for production and deliveries of Saab’s New Lightweight Torpedo to the Finnish Navy, the company announced on 4 January. According to the statement, the contract is a part of the Squadron 2000 Mid-Life Upgrade Programme (SQ2000 MLU) of the Finnish Navy’s four Hamina fast attack crafts (FAC). 

    System integration of the torpedoes on the H

  • Fast Attack Craft Test-fired 'Harbah' Missile - 04.01.2018

    The Pakistan Navy has test-fired a naval cruise missile ‘Harbah’ from its latest Azmat-class patrol craft, PNS Himmat, on 3 January. The missile was said to have hit its intended target accurately, however, no further details were provided. 

    Having a length of 63 metres, PNS Himmat was commissioned in July 2017. Himmat is also e

  • LCH Met Expectations, IAF Wants More - 04.01.2018

    Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has received a Request for Proposal (RFP) for 15 Limited Series Light Combat Helicopters (LCH) from the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Indian Army on 22 December. 

    LCH is a 5.5-ton class combat helicopter with a narrow fuselage, tri-cycle crashworthy landing gear, crashworthy and self-sealing fuel tanks, armour protection and low visi

  • India Cancelled 'Spike' Order - 04.01.2018

    The Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has changed its plans to purchase a $500 million worth of Spike missile from Israel. According to a statement made by Israeli defence company Rafael on January 3rd, India abandoned its plan and cancelled the order.

    The procurement plan was announced in March 2017 and covered 321 Spike ATGM launchers, 8 thousand 356 missiles, 15 training simula

  • Second Su-35 Delivery to China - 04.01.2018

    Russia delivered the second batch of 10 Su-35 fighter jets (NATO reporting name: Flanker-E) to China under a contract signed back in 2015, TASS reports. Russia and China inked a deal for 24 Su-35 fighter jets in November 2015. The contract also covers the ground equipment and spare engines. The first four fighter jets had been delivered in late 2016.

    The Su-35 is a fourth++

  • First SOM-B1 Delivery Realized - 04.01.2018

    Turkish Undersecreteriat for Defence Industries announced today on its official Twitter page that the first batch of seven SOM-B1 missiles developed by ROKETSAN has been delivered. Designed for use against highly protected ground and naval targets, SOM-B1 has a range of 250 kilometres. There are three types of missiles in ROKETSAN's SOM family; SOM A, SOM B1 and SOM B2. The size o

  • German-Norwegian Partnership For Submarines - 04.01.2018

    Kongsberg and thyssenkrupp established a 50/50 joint venture named 'kta Naval Systems' which will develop, produce and maintain combat systems as an exclusive supplier for submarines from thyssenkrupp Marine Systems. kta naval systems is operated through headquarters in Kongsberg, Norway and a branch office in Bremen, Germany.

    With the new joint venture, the com

  • Deliveries to Ukraine Completed - 04.01.2018

    Kyiv Armored Plant, a part of the State Concern "UkrOboronProm", delivered more than 50 new BTR-3As as well as repaired T-72 and other armoured vehicles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and other law enforcement agencies.

    Having passed all factory and acceptance tests, BTR-3DA is equipped with a combat module "Sturm-M"

  • BAE Systems To Commence Serial Production - 04.01.2018

    BAE Systems has been awarded a $413,7-million contract by the US Army to execute the third and final option for low-rate initial production of the company’s M109A7 Self-Propelled Howitzer and M992A3 ammunition carrier vehicles. Options are also included that would begin the full-rate production phase, which, if exercised, would bring the cumulative value of the award to app

  • New Configuration of 'Sea Giraffe', Ready - 03.01.2018

    Sweden's Saab company has introduced the Sea Giraffe 4A Fixed Face (FF), a fixed-panel configuration of the company's active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar family. 

    The radar is a derivative of Saab’s family of rotating, full AESA S-band radar systems and provides a combination of air surveillance, air defence, detection, classification, warning

  • F-35s To Receive Data Exchange System - 03.01.2018

    Turkish Undersecreteriat for Defence Industries has launched a new programme to provide data exchange between Turkish Air Force Information System (HvBS) and F-35 Joint Strike Fighters (JSF) which are planned to be inducted in 2018. HvBS-JSF Integration Project aims to meet the Air Force's requirement for exchanging classified information between the systems in a secure and contro

  • Ukraine's New Tactical Missile System Unveiled - 03.01.2018

    Photographs of Ukraine's new Grom-2 (Thunder-2) tactical missile system has been released by local media, suggesting the development of the system is about to be completed. 

    The Grom-2 tactical ballistic missile, for which Ukraine’s defence companies received $40 million from Saudi Arabia to develop, has a range of 350km. The new

  • Brazil Announced Purchase of HMS Ocean - 03.01.2018

    Brazil has confirmed the purchase of UK's helicopter carrier HMS Ocean in which Turkey was also interested. The negotiations were continuing for a while regarding HMS Ocean's sales. 

    Brazilian Defence Minister Raul Jungmann has confirmed that the vessel has been sold for £84,3 million.

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