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14.09.2017 11:26

'Critical Temperature' Test to Ka-226T

Russian Helicopters together with Iran Helicopter Support and Renewal Company (IHSRC) successfully completed testing of the light multirole helicopter Ka-226T. According to Rostec's press release issued on 13 September, tests were carried out in Iran throughout August and September. 

The tests were performed within the memorandum signed this May by JSC Russian Helicopters, part of Rostec State Сorporation, and IHSRC at the international exhibition HeliRussia. The objective of the tests was to prove the usability of the Ka-226T at ambient temperatures of up to +50 degrees Celcius.

The CEO of Russian Helicopters Andrey Boginsky said several Middle-Eastern countries, including Iran, were interested in light multirole helicopters for firefighting, patrolling, evacuation and medical tasks and the accomplished tests of the Ka-226T proved that the helicopter could operate in critical temperatures, which was definitely important for potential users.

The light multirole helicopter Ka-226T has a coaxial main twin-rotor system, its maximum takeoff weight is 3,6 tons, and it is able to transport up to 1 ton of payload. The main distinctive feature of the helicopter is its modular design; a transport cabin that can carry up to 6 people or modules with special equipment can be installed on the Ka-226T.


Complementary Production

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Modernized Ka-27M Ready F

Russian Helicopters, part of Rostec State Corporation, has complete

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