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17.11.2018 06:45

138 F-35 for UK


UK will get minimum 48 F-35B to generate two front-line squadrons of F-35B Lightning’s by 2023.


British Ministry of Defence revealed its F-35B acquisition plans. Ministry answered Lord West of Spithead’s question about the minimum buy of F-35B aircraft to ensure the ability to deploy two carriers with the planned 35 jets on each carrier in a national emergency.


Lord’s question referred F-35Bs as “Sea Lightning” but the ministry denied such naming.

Earl Howe, Minister of State, Ministry of Defence, replied:


“The Ministry of Defence does not recognise the term ‘Sea Lightning’, with ‘F-35B Lightning’ the designation jointly agreed by the First Sea Lord and the Chief of the Air Staff. Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015 stated our intent to buy 138 F-35 Lightning aircraft over the life of the programme.


The first tranche of 48 aircraft will be the F-35B; decisions on subsequent tranches of Lightning will be taken at the appropriate time. We are on track to generate two front-line squadrons of F-35B Lightnings by 2023.”


The Ministry’s answer confirms that the UK designation for F-35, will be ‘Lightning’ and 138 F-35 will be acquired at total, minimum 48 will be F-35B.


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