Accidental Friendly Fire

Accidental Friendly Fire 31 July, 2020

There is very strange news from the USA, which has military deployments all over the world and therefore tries to keep staff training activities at a high level.

US tanks hit each other. In the incident on July 20, a US Army M1A2 Abrams main battle tank "accidentally" hit another M1A2 during training activities at Fort Bliss based in Texas. According to information in open sources, the victim was hit from 2,600 metres. In the incident, it is stated that a soldier was injured due to damage caused by the M1002 multi-purpose training ammunition that hit the tank.

M1002s, which are similar in structure to M830A1 in terms of ballistic values, are frequently used in training activities. It was also announced that the United States has launched an investigation about the incident.

Accidental Friendly Fire

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