Additional F-35 Lightning II

Additional F-35 Lightning II December 20, 2018

Japan will be the largest foreign F-35 Lightning II user, after confirming the giant defence budget.


In the investment to be made to the Japanese Self Defence Force, it is foreseen that the Izumo class amphibious assault ships will have the necessary infrastructure for the use of F-35B Lightning II. A ramp called a ski-jump will be integrated on the bow sections of the platforms and the runway coatings will be made resistible to the hot exhaust gas of the F-35B. After the adaptation of the ships, aircraft procurement will made.


Japan will procure 42 F-35B Lightning II to deploy to the platforms. In the beginning 18 aircraft will be procured. After this, the number of aircraft will reach the final plan. With this acquisition, Japan will become the largest foreign F-35 Lightning II user after the US.


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