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Adversary 'Gripen' by Saab

The Swedish defence company Saab unveiled a new variant of its Gripen aircraft designed for the adversary air combat training at DSEI 2017, London, UK. Dubbed as Gripen Aggressor, the platform is based on the Gripen C-series and will be used to act as an opposing force in advanced military combat training, mimicking enemy tactics, techniques, and procedures to provide a realistic environment for the fighter pilots to train against. 

The company will also be showcasing a wide range of its products including A26 submarine, Barracuda Mobile Camouflage System, RBS15 Mk3 surface-to surface missile system and Carl-Gustaf M4, a man-portable multi-role weapon system.


Saab Support to the New S

Saab has been awarded a contract by Swedish Defence Materiel Administrat

Otokar Will Exhibit Key P

Turkish defence company Otokar will participate the defence and security

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