Aircraft Carrier Crisis in the USA

Aircraft Carrier Crisis in the USA 16 September, 2020

The debate over the operational readiness levels of aircraft carriers in the United States continues. Pentagon officials argue that aircraft carriers are available, but the rhetoric between the Navy and the White House that the level of preparation for the platforms is both costly and long-lasting.

Rear Admiral John Meier, commander of the US Atlantic Navy Air Force, described the operational presence of the ships as "the number one concern." Rear Admiral Meier said that shipyards should deliver ships to the fleet in time, often delays in completing the maintenance of aircraft carriers. 

A recent report shared by the US Government found that the navy completed 75% of submarine maintenance services late than expected, causing a 7,425-day delay.

The new U.S. Centre for American Security proposed that the Ford aircraft carrier program be cancelled in 2016 and used to strengthen drones and submarines.

In December 2018, it was decided to cancel the program after three ships built with a Congressional Budget Office report titled "Stop the Construction of Ford Class Aircraft Carriers"

 The Cost Assessment and Program Assessment office of the US Department of Defence is known to want two aircraft carriers removed from the current force structure in the coming years.


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