ASELSAN Seeks a Solution for Coronavirus

ASELSAN Seeks a Solution for Coronavirus 22 March, 2020

ASELSAN, which develops products and solutions needed by both the Turkish Armed Forces and abroad with its eight thousand 100 employees, is working for Coronavirus, which has taken the world under its influence. As part of the fight against the virus, an R&D study has been initiated on the diagnosis of Covid-19 virus with the sensitive optical biosensor method in the ASELSAN Research Centre Biodefense section. The research centre had previously been involved in the detection of the Hepatitis-B virus.


The company, which has also changed for the working environment and personnel due to the virus, uses pregnant or legal milk leave and T.C. He took the disadvantaged groups determined by the Ministry of Health to his administrative leave on 16 March. 1 After the entry into Turkey from abroad have made 257 runs March 14-day quarantine granted.

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