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Beretta Invests in Qatari Market

Qatar’s Barzan Holdings and Italian firearms manufacturer Beretta established a joint venture in Qatar, dubbed BINDIG, to supply weapons for the Qatari government. The construction of a new factory in Doha for the production of guns and shotguns is also planned and where, in the future, new light weapons systems can be developed. Beretta continues to increase the number of subsidiaries through a policy of strategic investments and acquisitions aimed at expanding the range of products and guaranteeing commercial coverage.

Barzan Holdings is a company specifically established and controlled by the Ministry of Defence of Qatar to increase the production and technological capacity of the country in this sector, through investments and joint ventures with major international players.


Beretta Acquired Victrix

Beretta Defence Technologies (BDT) acquired Italian rifle designer and m

Production for Qatar Will

Boeing plans to begin production of F-15 Advanced Eagle aircraft fo


HAVELSAN (Hava Elektronik Sanayii-Aviation Electronics Industry) will op

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