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Boeing's Offer Scratched Out

Canada canceled its plans to buy 18 Boeing Super Hornet fighters and intends to acquire a used fleet of older Australia F-18 jets, according to sources familiar with the matter. 

The decision is in response to Boeing-Bombardier Inc. dispute. Boeing previously accused Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier of dumping airliners on the domestic American market. The sources said Australian military officials had been in Ottawa late last month for talks. Canada is due to officially announce the requirements for its new fighter fleet in early 2019, kicking off an open competition.


IRST Doping for F-18s

The US Navy decided to use an advanced version of Lockheed Martin-m

F/A-18 Upgrade Costs $150

Finland will upgrade its F/A-18s under a foreign military sales contract

Canada Gets Greenlight fo

The US State Department approved a potential foreign military sale (FMS)

Canada likely to acquire

The Canadian government has move another step closer towards acquiring t

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