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08.11.2018 18:56

Budget Delay to Submarine

Indonesia's mini-submarine project hit the budget delay. Fate of the project is not determined yet.


An explanation came from the Indonesian PT Palindo Shipyard. According to the statement, the 22-meter mini-submarine project to be built with local facilities may be disrupted. The negotiations that have been going on since 2017 have been positive, but no contract has been signed yet. The reason for this is the failure to fund the project. PT Palindo planned to start the submarine construction process in the end of 2017 in the talks in 2106.


The concept was developed in cooperation with PT Palindo Marine, Ministry of Maritime Affairs of Indonesia, Instut Teknologi Sepuluh November and University of Indonesia. The system, which is planned to be 22 meters in length, is designed to have a width of 3 meters and a 2.5 meter of draught on the surface. The total weight of the platform, which is planned to be 117 on the surface and 127 tons on the dive, is expected to be has six-day endurance  and be able to reach a depth of 150 meters. The maximum speed of the submarine was calculated as 10 nautical miles per hour during the dive.


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