Domestic Carriage Rack for Domestic Miniature Bombs

Domestic Carriage Rack for Domestic Miniature Bombs 13 August, 2020

Turkey, which has significant experience and knowledge about the air-to-surface ammunition continues to studies on domestic systems.

The Ministry of National Defence released a video and announcement about domestic ammunition testing activities on its official social media account. In the post, "Integration and testing activities of ammunition developed and produced domestically and indigenously are continuing at the 401st Test Fleet Command." description placed. In the video, it was seen that an F-16 under the 401st Test Fleet Command tested the local Miniature Bomb and the Smart Multiple Carriage Rack.

Miniature Bomb is ammunition that can be used against hard and soft ground targets can be released from air platforms via multiple carriage racks. Thanks to its integrated GPS / INS (Global Positioning System / Inertial Navigation System) equipment, the system has the ability to hit precisely, thanks to its aforementioned features, it can be transported four in each transport station and offers the opportunity to attack eight targets in a single sortie. The system, which can reach a 102 km range (55 nautical miles) thanks to its folding wings, can destroy its targets with a CEP rate less than 15 metres. The system allows use in urban areas thanks to its low collateral damage feature. The 139 kilograms and 180 cm long miniature bomb can penetrate 1 meter thick reinforced concrete with 5000PSI strength thanks to its penetrating nose structure.

The multiple carriage racks with an empty weight of 170 kilograms can carry four Miniature Bombs. CTS, which stands out with its features such as smart ammunition management, a structure suitable for planning before and during flight, easy loading and unloading possibility, as well as multi-release envelope calculation and adjustable release speed, was developed by ASELSAN as the main contractor.

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Domestic Carriage Rack for Domestic Miniature Bombs

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