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30.11.2018 11:03

Eighth FREMM Completed Trials

Italy's eighth FREMM class frigate, ITS Marceglia (F597) has completed the sea tests.


The platform, which opened to sea in June, completed all sea trial activities in five months thanks to the tight coordination of the program participants. During the experiments, 13 different test phases were carried out.


Platform is the eighth FREMM class ship in Italy and the fourth FREMM built in the general-purpose configuration of the Italian Navy. Italian Navy had requested Zero ANT (Activities Not Terminated) from the construction of the ITS Alpino (F594).


ITS Marceglia built by Fincantieri Shipyard. Ship weighs about 6,500 tons. 144-meter long frigate is equipped with a 127-millimeter main gun, 76-millimeter gun, two triple torpedo tubes, two eight-cell vertical launch systems, and many state-of-the-art weapons and electronics.


Seventh FREMM Frigate Com

Italy's seventh FREMM frigate, Federico Martinengo, h

New FREMM in Inventory

France received the new FREMM. Ship christened as FS Bretagne and h

Two French FREMMs Fitting

The French Navy’s (Marine Nationale) last two FREMM Frigates (in a

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