Engine Support to Strategic Aircraft

Engine Support to Strategic Aircraft 31 October, 2018

Russia has announced that it will take delivery of more than 20 jet engines. PJSC Kuznetsov reproduction NK-32 engines will power the Tu-160 (NATO Code: Blackjack) aircraft.


A total of 22 engine deliveries are expected. Russia will receive engines later this year. Bench tests of the systems are already in progress. According to the results of the bench tests, PJSC Kuznetsov's level of preparation for mass production will be determined and after the final arrangements, the engines will be directed to the user. The continuity of NK-32 engines will significantly increase the combat readiness level of the Tu-160 fleet. It is estimated that the life of the reproduced engines will be more than 12 years.


Tu-160 aircraft are the most important strategic bomber power of Russia. Tu-160 aircraft can fly at supersonic speed and have a variable sweep angle wing structure have the ability to carry 40,000 kilograms of ammunition. The operational radius of the platform is 10,500 kilometres.

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