EU's Defence Policies Fail

EU's Defence Policies Fail 21 November, 2020

According to an annual defence report submitted to the defence ministers of member states on Friday, the European Union (EU) said the union does not have the capability to be an independent military force capable of helping NATO or rapidly stationing troops in regional crises. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell told reporters: “European defence suffers from fragmentation, duplication and insufficient operational engagement.”

The report also noted that only 60% of NATO's existing troops and weapons are ready for war.

Since December 2017, the EU has been working out to develop defence technology independently of the United States. France leads the EU in this context. French President Emmanuel Macron has called for "sovereignty" over the EU's ability to defend itself.

An arms development fund will be set up next year to be supported by €8 billion from the EU budget. In addition, the union aims to create a military doctrine by 2022 to identify future threats and targets.

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