, F-35s Will Intercept Ballistic Missile
F-35s Will Intercept Ballistic Missile

F-35s Will Intercept Ballistic Missile January 18, 2019

Pentagon decided a different step on F-35 Lightning II aircrafts, which are frequently brought to the agenda with their capabilities and development process. The Department of Defence said it will assess the suitability of the aircraft for ballistic missile interception missions.

Within the scope of the project, which is planned to last in next six months, the compliance of F-35 Lightning II aircraft with ballistic missile interception missions will be determined. In case of a positive result, a new weapon system will be developed which will give the platforms the ability to intercept ballistic missiles. Within the scope of the work initiated on the increasing ballistic missile threat in the regional geographies, the F-35 Lightning II's scenarios will be discussed in the launch and boost phase, where the missile is relatively vulnerable. The project aims to provide a cost-effective solution in the field of ballistic missile defence, while the possibility of destruction is planned to increase.

The studies are expected to start on the next six months.

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