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14.03.2018 14:11

Golden Cube Award to ASELSAN

Turkish defence company ASELSAN has been selected the "Project Generator of the Year" at Teknopark Istanbul 4th Golden Cube event. 

The 4th Golden Cube Award Ceremony, where companies operating in various sectors including defence, maritime, energy and health are nominated for awards in 15 categories, was held on 7 March at Teknopark Istanbul Conference Hall. The ceremony was attended by the Undersecretary for Defence Industries Prof. Ismail Demir and ASELSAN Chairman of the Board Prof. Ibrahim Ozkol. Vice President of Defence System Technologies Mustafa Kaval received the award on behalf of ASELSAN. 

ASELSAN's Multipurpose Amphibious Assault Ship Project Manager Ersel Ercek received the "Best Executive of the Year" award in the same event.


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ASELSAN of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV) has earned the ti

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ASELSAN won the second prize in the "27th Annual Printed Circuit Bo

ASELSAN Explained Its Vis

ASELSAN Deputy General Manager Mustafa Kaval made a speech titled "

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