Hawks Set Example for Drone Capture

Hawks Set Example for Drone Capture 12 July, 2019


Oxford University, Flight Group researchers are studying the way Hawks catch prey to help develop the guidance systems for an air vehicle that will catch rogue drones.

Research is focused on the behaviour of Hawks to understand flight dynamics, controls and guidance systems. Various methods and technologies are being developed that use projectiles, the jamming of radio communications, other drones and birds of prey.

The researchers used high speed cameras running at 250fps to capture the flight trajectories of five captive-bred Harris’ Hawks during 50 flights against an erratically-moving target.

A target for the hawk was pulled using a glider winch around a set of pulleys laid out along the ground so that it zig-zagged. The course was up to 50m long and each flight recording lasted up to eight seconds.

The results from this research could then help shape a guidance system for an effective drone-capture device, as well as help solve problems about how drones avoid obstacles and rendez-vous.

Issue 83