Heavy Bomber Training at South China Sea

Heavy Bomber Training at South China Sea 31 July, 2020

China, which is working hard to globalize its military power, is improving its capabilities day by day.

China, which claims rights on islands with controversy about the surrounding seas and occasionally makes military reinforcements in the region, increases its overseas capability. Beijing, which has developed its concepts and doctrines especially on a power transfer from air, deep strike and long-range attack scenarios, held a new exercise recently. H-6Js, one of China's newest bomber variants, also participated in the activities carried out under the responsibility of the Southern Front Command. H-6Gs also took part in the activities.

H-6Js, which are stated to have offensive capability to maritime targets, were developed to replace H-6Gs. The platforms, which thought to carry three times more missiles than their predecessors, can reach a %50 longer distance with a range of 3,500 kilometres operational range. In the H-6G Regiments of the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) in the early 1990s, there are approximately 14-18 platforms.

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