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27.09.2017 15:41

Hürjet Emerged

The first images of HURJET's concept design, the new generation trainer aircraft project of Turkish Aerospace Industries, has emerged. The images were presented at the public day at TAI facilities in regards to the 30th anniversary of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation. TAI's CEO Temel Kotil said the HURJET project had passed the board of directors and officially initiated. Kotil added, "This project has a 6-month architectural study period. The budget we received from the board is for this period. This actually is the initial work. We expect an order from the government." The similarities of HURJET's concept images to some prior studies caught attention. This year, Turkish investor Fatih Özmen's Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) and TAI submit an offer for the US Air Force's tender for a similar aircraft. TAI / SNC remained on the lists for a long time with the concept they called Freedom, but last month the US left the design out of the list. It's been revealed that there were many fundamental differences in the two aircraft, mainly the propulsion system requirement. 


Hürjet Movement from TAI

Temel Kotil, Chief Executive Officer of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TA

TAI's New Aircraft

As The US Air Force (USAF) releases technical documentations regarding i

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