İkinci: Class I Frigate Will be Launched at the End of 2020

İkinci: Class I Frigate Will be Launched at the End of 2020 20 May, 2020

Speaking at the online panel organized by STM ThinkTech, STM General Manager Murat İkinci stated that they plan to keep the remote working method valid for some personnel at the end of the COVID-19 process.


"We have partners in many parts of the world, it is much easier for us to get together in the digital environment," said İkinci, stating that they are now holding project meetings in digital media, thus reducing the time spent on getting together.


He reminded that the first of the class I frigates, which are the continuation of the National Ship (MİLGEM) project, is under construction under the main responsibility of STM, and that there is no interruption or hesitation in the process. İkinci, taking into account the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, he stated that they are in an effort for the early delivery of the frigate.


STM General Manager stated that the equipment activities of the test and training vessel TCG Ufuk are about to be completed and that the sea experience tests will begin in June.


He reminded that the Agosta-90B submarines in the Pakistan Navy inventory were continuing their modernization activities. He said that after the completion of performance and other tests, the submarine will be delivered to the Pakistan Navy. Stating that the shipyards continue to work without decreasing capacity, the latter stated that STM also did not experience any serious disruption.

İkinci said that by the end of this year, they will deliver over 350 Kargu-2 UAVs to the Turkish Armed Forces.


İkinci: Class I Frigate Will be Launched at the End of 2020

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