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08.08.2018 11:45

Indigenious Encrypted Radio for Security General Directorate

Presidency of Defence Industry signed a radio procurement agreement with Aselsan. Ankara and Istanbul Provincial Security Directorates will have a digital radio communication infrastructure with the encrypted digital radio communication system procurement agreement for the requirement of Security General Directorate units.

The DMR radio system, which will be procured from Aselsan is delivered to Provincial Security Directorates 15 for the first phase and 7 for the second phase. In the third phase, Ankara and Istanbul Provincial Security Directorates will have access to the radios and one third of the Police Department will have access to the digital communication infrastructure. With the Aselsan DMR System to be established, it will have the ability to transfer data with applications such as Provincial Police Departments, vehicle and personnel tracking, database inquiry, messaging, radio-phone call. In addition, 3700 model hand radios, which have been awarded the "Design Turkey Good Design" award, developed by ASELSAN in cooperation with the General Directorate of Security, will also be delivered.


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