, Israel and Croatia Dropped-Off F-16 Sale
Israel and Croatia Dropped-Off F-16 Sale

Israel and Croatia Dropped-Off F-16 Sale January 15, 2019

An Israeli Delegation, headed by the Director General of the Defence Ministry Udi Adam, visited Croatia on 10 January 2019. The official talks addressed the multi-role combat aircraft procurement project and the bilateral defence co-operation between the Croatia and Israel.

Israel was responsible to obtain approval from the United States of America to deliver the aircraft to the Croatia in the ordered configuration.  The Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičević in an official statement said: “After consultation with the Israeli delegation, I can relay to you that the State of Israel has contrary to the taken responsibility unfortunately officially informed the Ministry of Defence that it is unable to receive the adequate TPT approval for the delivery of Israeli F-16 Barak aircraft to the Republic of Croatia.

Israel said, “Regretfully the conditions were not ripe and we were unable to secure an adequate TPT and realize the project due to unanticipated circumstances beyond our control. “

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