KC-390 for Magyar Légierö

KC-390 for Magyar Légierö 18 November, 2020

A contract has been signed between Brazil-based firm Embraer and Hungary for the KC-390 transport aircraft. Brazil will deliver two KC-390s for the Hungarian Air Force (Magyar Légierö), which can also refuel in mid-air. Under the contract, pilot and technician training will also be provided to Hungary.

Embraer said the possibility of opening a production line or assembly line for the KC-390 in Hungary will be explored.

The transport plane, which can carry Cobham- manufactured refuelling kits under the wing, has a BAE Systems flight control computer. The platform can be used in different military and civilian missions including humanitarian aid, medical evacuation, search and rescue and firefighting, air transport and air refuelling capabilities.

Both planes are scheduled to be delivered to Hungary in 2023.

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