Land Based Neptune OK

Land Based Neptune OK October 9, 2019

The test and development process for the Neptune Navy missile system, which was the first test launch in the last period, is ongoing.

Deaigned as a land-based naval anti-ship missile system, Neptune's development process is progressing rapidly towards the second trial launch. A new trial was planned towards the end of 2019 and the test and evaluation phase will be completed. Next up is the test launch from the ship.

The missile, which has a warhead of 145 kilograms, weighs 670 kilograms, has a maximum range of 280 kilometers and can easily reach this range in the first test launch, and will be deployed as batteries which has 4 vehicles each. Ready to fire in about 15 minutes, Neptune can fire salvo at 3 to 5 second intervals. The system, which can be effective against different major surface combatants in every weather condition, can reach its target from 3 to 10 meters altitude thanks to its sea skimming capability.

Land Based Neptune OK

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