MBDA's New Ammunition for Tiger Helicopter

MBDA's New Ammunition for Tiger Helicopter 14 November, 2020

The MBDA and the French government have reached an agreement to develop a new generation of anti-tank missiles to be used in Tiger attack helicopters.

During a visit to the firm on November 13th, French Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly announced that the government had chosen MBDA for the Future Tactical Air-to-Surface Missile programme.

MBDA proposed a long-range MHT missile for the project. According to the company, the missile has a range of eight kilometres and is 20% lighter than similar munitions in the same category. Thus, it was announced that load savings of approximately 100 kilograms can be achieved and the range of the helicopter can be increased.

The new missile design is said to be based on the MMP-guided anti-tank missile, which has the ability to shoot and forget. MMPs allow the shooter to be replaced immediately after firing.


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