MEDEVAC Mission to Boğaç

MEDEVAC Mission to Boğaç 12 February, 2020

Boğaç 6x6 unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), developed by a Turkish company Elektroland Defence, is en route to the front line. The platform will be adapted for medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) missions.

Elektroland started the modification studies of Boğaç for MEDEVAC missions in line of the requests. UGV, which is fully autonomous, will also perform the tasks of removing the injured soldiers from the front line. It was stated that the platform will be modified for the evacuation of the conscious wounded in the first phase. After completion of the first studies, Boğaç will be adapted for the evacuation of unconscious injured personnel in the following stages. Platofm will also perform MEDEVAC mission in an event, which will held in near future.

Boğaç fully autonomous unmanned ground vehicle has all-wheel drive thanks to its electric motors. The vehicle's overturn possibility is minimal in terms of the position of the wheels and the body structure. Thanks to its gyroscopic stabilization system, the unique suspension structure of the vehicle, which can rectify itself in three axes according to the shapes of the terrain, enables it to continue on its way even in overturn situations. In this way, the platform, which has an off-road capability, can be controlled from a distance of 2 kilometres. The system, which can move autonomously in the field, can carry a weapon station. Besides, Boğaç can perform many tasks such as load transport, tracking, reconnaissance, and environmental mapping.

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MEDEVAC Mission to Boğaç

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