MV-4 on Duty

MV-4 on Duty 20 May, 2020

Unmanned mine clearing vehicles are becoming more and widespread due to highlighting personnel safety in risky areas.

Unmanned mine clearance systems, which the Republic of Korea announced its plan in 2018 and procured 4.1 million USD budget, started its duty. First DOK ING MV-4s from Croatia delivered to country. The first platform of which was delivered in April 2020, started to duty in the demilitarized zone between the Republic of Korea and North Korea. During the training demonstration, the vehicle performed the mine clearance task. The Republic of Korea will receive eight more MV-4s.

MV-4, which can clear all anti-personnel mines, is resistant to anti-tank mines. Thanks to its compact structure, the system, which can perform mine clearing tasks in narrow areas, can destroy ordnance up to 30 cm deep by rotating the front flails. The MV-4, which can clean an area of ​​2,200 square meters per hour, can pass through areas with a 50 cm width and a 30 cm depth, pass 30 cm vertical obstacles and perform cleaning duties even on a 35 degree slope. The platform can be commanded from a 1 km LOS range via cameras that provide wide viewing angles.

MV-4 on Duty

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