New JF-17s On the Way

New JF-17s On the Way January 7, 2019


Opposition continues on the India’s Rafale procurement. Pakistan has started negotiations with China for the procurement of JF-17 Block 3 aircraft.



The Islamabad government, which wants to turn in favor of the Rafale debate in India, wants to keep his hand on the fast track. In this context, it was announced that negotiations with Beijing were started for 62 additional JF-17 before the Indian Rafale's arrivement. In an Indian press article, Pakistan reportedly requested 13 additional JF-17 Block 2 for delivery from Chengdu Aircraft Corporation as of July 2019. However, as of 2020, the two-seater JF-17 Block 2 and again from the same year JF-17 Block 3 has been asked to the company for the procurement demands. Planned amounts were determined as 22 Block 2 and 28 Block 3. Pakistan plans to balance Indian Rafale aircraft with this way. First of the Rafale platforms, which India has ordered 36 units, will be delivered in 2020.

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