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10.08.2018 12:11

New Zealand to Procure Simulator

New Zealand Government has approved the purchase of the NH90 simulator from Canada-based CAE. The simulators will be used for pilot training of NH90 utility helicopters in the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) inventory. For the simulator planned to be deployed at RNZAF Ohakeha Base, New Zealand will pay 28.42 million US Dollars. A new building is required for the installation of the 10 meter high training device. Simulator device will be constructed in Montreal, Canada. The new building and training simulator is scheduled to be ready by July 2020.

In recent years, pilot training simulator usage has increased considerably. Simulators have reduced maintenance and repair costs of the commands. Simulators, which allow pilots to do realistic training, reduce the training risks on pilots and provide training results statistics. In this way, weak points of the pilots can be determined clearly and additional training programs can be prepared.


New Simulator for New Zea

New Zealand has issued a request for tenders for a NH90 medium util

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Saab Exhibits Gripen E Si

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Training Simulator by Loc

The USAF awarded  Lockheed Martin a $104 million contract to develop, p

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