Odintsovo Corvette Enters Service

Odintsovo Corvette Enters Service 18 November, 2020

Project 22800 Karakurt Class corvette Odintsovo, equipped with Pantsir-M air defence system, will be commissioned on November 21st.

The platform's acceptance certificate, which began acceptance tests in July, has been approved.

The air defence system integrated into the corvettes, can neutralize guided missiles at a distance of 20 km and an altitude of 15 km. A total of 18 Karakurt Class corvettes equipped with a Kalibr-NK cruise missile and a modernized AK-176MA 76.2 mm artillery system is planned to be built.

The ship's crew went through a special training in St. Petersburg for the use of weapons systems equipped with corvettes.

Pantsir-M has the ability to simultaneously fire four attacking targets.

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