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Pantsir at North Africa

Pantsir-SM, a new generation of Russian air defense system, was has been seen in Algeria. The most important detail in the system seen in the Sakhr 2018 Exercise, which held by the 36th Motorized Infantry Brigade in the Second Military Region at the northeastern part of the country, was that the Pantsir system was integrated into the new 8x8 K-53958 Tornado truck. Algeria's Pantsir-SMs are believed to have been equipped with a new extended-range missile. With the new high-speed missile with multi-function targeting station, Pantsir's target detection range extended from 40 kilometers to 75 kilometers, engagement range extended 20 kilometers to 40 kilometers from the information.


Goal Is Set For Pantsir-S

Brazil wants to purchase Russian air defense missile and artillery

Pantsir-S1 To Be Deployed

Russia will put Pantsir-S1 air defence systems on combat duty in West Si

Russian Pantsir Missile R

The production of Russia’s new Pantsir SM Air Defence System (NATO

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