Photonic Effect to Microelectronics

Photonic Effect to Microelectronics 24 March, 2020

Microelectronics technology continues to progress day by day and shrink electronic circuits.

Within the scope of DARPA's, which operates in the United States, "Photonics in the Package for Extreme Scalability Program" (PIPES), it is aimed to establish a connection between microelectronics using photons. The project, which is said to lead to a significant revolution in the field of microelectronics, aims to develop special integrated circuits and Field Programmable Gate Arrays with broadband width photon transceivers. Within the program, high-performance input-output technologies will be developed in the first place. Xilinx Corp and Intel were commissioned for this. The study will also participated by researchers from Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and BAE Systems.

The PIPES Program aims to develop smaller-sized advanced microelectronics for different purposes in the defence field, especially in high-performance data transfer with new generation microelectronic circuits.

Issue 86