Qatar's Corveti Begins Naval Tests

Qatar's Corveti Begins Naval Tests 21 November, 2020

Fincantieri's Al Zubarah (F 101) corvette, built for the Qatari Navy, began naval testing.

The delivery schedule of the corvette, which Qatar plans to use effectively in air defence operations, had delay due to COVID-19.

The platform, which was pulled into the dry pool in November 2018, has an displacement of 3,250 tons. Al Zubarah-class corvettes, which have a drive system consisting of four diesel engines, are said to be 107 meters long and about 15 meters wide.

It has been announced that the F 101 will be delivered in 2021. Musherib OPV (Q 61), the second ship in the class, will reach Qatar in 2022.

The Corvetvettes will host a total of 98 crew members. The platforms also have a hangar and a flight deck where the NHIndustries NFH90 helicopter can be deployed.

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