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08.11.2018 11:39

Radar to Surveillance Airship

Lockheed Martin announced the integration of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) system into the 74K Aerostat unmanned surveillance airship.

As a result of the integration work carried out by the company, Telephonics production RDR-1700B SAR integrated to the airship. SRDR-1700B is able to work above land and sea. It can provide two-dimensional images even a cloud layer. System is able to detect search and rescue transmitters with the inversed SAR radar. In addition to the SAR system, other sensors from Telephonics, Leonardo and Northrop Grumman and ifra-red cameras from L-3 Wescam have also integrated to the airship.


Lockheed Martin developed the 74K Aerostat system for the observation of the Mexican border. Later, the platform was used in Afghanistan. The system has 30 days endurance and can carry up to 500 kilograms payload. Airship is connected with the rope on the ground, provides data transfer via fibre optic cables. Aerostat, capable of serving at an altitude of 4900 feet has 1.6 million combat flight hours mission history.


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