Red Light to Israel from the US

Red Light to Israel from the US December 12, 2018

Breaking news took place in F-16 A / B Netz aircraft, which Croatia plans to procure from Israel. US Secretary of Defence James Mattis did not give the necessary approval for Israel to sell 12 aircraft to Croatia.

News released in the Croatian press reported that US President Donald Trump is upset for upgrades on aircraft. US Embassy in Croatia made a statement about the issue. In the statement it is announced support of Croatia's modernization of air force and increasing its ability to work with NATO allies.

The joint efforts for the sale of Israel is continuing. If the deal on technical conditions of the agreement, it will be approved. United States requires its own permission to supply of weapons to a third country before selling. In order for the sale to take place from the user to the third country, the sale permit from the US must be obtained.

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