Rolls-Royce To Lay Off 9,000 Employees

Rolls-Royce To Lay Off 9,000 Employees 21 May, 2020

Coronavirus also affected Britain-based engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce. Due to the uncertainty and economic crisis brought by the virus, the company will lay off its 9,000 employees.  Rolls-Royce CEO Warren East also told BBC radio that some factories could be shut down. “But again, we have to consult with our unions and do a thorough run through with the unions on exactly where the job losses are going to be,” East said. 
Rolls-Royce, which employs 52,000 people worldwide, produces engines for companies such as Boeing and Airbus.

With the projected restructuring process, the company plans to save approximately 1.3 billion pounds. It is stated that the civil aviation business line will be affected by this situation. Rolls-Royce explained that the defense department, operating in the UK and the USA, continues to work during the virus and that there will be no personnel reduction in this area. As part of the restructuring process, the firm stated that they are considering opportunities for the transition of civil aviation personnel to the defense department.

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