, Russia receives Uran-6 UGVs
Russia receives Uran-6 UGVs

Russia receives Uran-6 UGVs February 6, 2019

Russia is set to receive 12 Uran-6 demining unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) this year, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced.

The updated Uran-6 - which is developed by the 766th UPTK subsidiary of Rostec's Kalashnikov Group - maintains the physical dimension of the original model at 4,565 mm long, 2,015 mm wide, and 1,470 mm tall. The vehicle weighs 6 tonnes without its mine clearance subsystems.

The updated vehicle can clear mines or explosive objects with a charge that is equal to 4 kg of explosive material, as opposed to the original tolerance of 2 kg.R

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