Russia's New Military Base to Be Built in Sudan

Russia's New Military Base to Be Built in Sudan 16 November, 2020

Russia will build a maritime logistics and repair centre in Sudan.

The Sudanese government will provide Russia with the necessary port infrastructure and space for the base free of charge.

Under the agreement signed by the two countries, Russia was allowed to transfer "all kinds of military equipment, ammunition or supplies" needed for the centre from Sudanese ports.

Documents released by the German Foreign Ministry in August 2020 reported that Russia wanted to establish military bases in six African countries: Egypt, Central African Republic, Eritrea, Madagascar, Mozambique and Sudan.

The centre in Sudan will be used under Russian authority for 25 years. According to the agreement, 300 people will be on duty at the base.

It did not explain how much Russia had budgeted for the construction of the centre. On the other hand, the Kremlin is estimated to spend USD 41.5 million a year on the development of the base it is building in Syria. 

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