, Russia will Watch with “Eye”
Russia will Watch with “Eye”

Russia will Watch with “Eye” January 28, 2019

Russia has announced a new observation system. The platform, which is developed with local facilities, will enable the staff to reconnaissance the tactical field.

The new system called Glaz (Eye) draws attention with its small dimensions. With a small rocket ammunition that can be fired from the signal pistol, the platform, which climbs to an altitude of 300 meters, ejects from its carrier and begins to work. The system does not have an additional drive system according to the information described and can remain active during the time it was descended to the ground with parachute. Equipped with a high-resolution camera, Glaz can transfer real-time data to a tablet of the staff. Currently, platform is under factory-tests and is launched and the length of the gun is about 300 millimetres. With a weight of ready to fire 400 grams, the system can control half a square kilometre.

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