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22.10.2018 12:28

S-400s to Arrive in Two Years

Recently, a new statement came from Russia, which signed an agreement with India to supply an S-400 air defense system which costs 5.2 billion USD. According to the statement, the first S-400 systems will be delivered to India within two years. The statement came from Dmitry Shugaev, who head of Russia’s Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation.


The deal, which was recently signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to India, is one of India's biggest military import agreements recently. Under the agreement, India will receive the S-400 systems and sub-components required to set up five air defence regiments.


One of the most modern air defence systems, the S-400 (NATO Code: Triumf) was launched in 2007. The system can be effective against different aerial targets. S-400 systems are especially notable for their powerful radars.


India goes for S-400

India has decided to buy the Russian S-400 Triumf air-defence missile acco

US Threatens India Over S

The United States cannot guarantee that it will provide India with a wai

India Signs $5Bln Deal to

Russia and India signed the S-400 deal. India will acquire 5 S-400 Air D

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