S-500 Almost Ready

S-500 Almost Ready 15 April, 2019

A senior executive at the Russian Aerospace Forces made statements on the S-500. As a successor of  S-300 and S-400 systems; development phase of the S-500s shown in the final stage of the development phase. In addition, it is announced that Russian Army will begin take delivery of S-350 Vityaz systems soon.

The S-350 and S-500 platforms are equipped with new generation radars with high mobility and thus the systems are able to take a position in unprepared areas. Although the S-500's capabilities are not yet officially announced; it can be said that the systems can destroy targets at a range of 600 kilometres, follow up 10 targets at the same time, and intercept targets which maving at 20 Mach speed.

S-500 Almost Ready

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