Saab Flies new EAJP Pod on Gripen for First Time

Saab Flies new EAJP Pod on Gripen for First Time 7 November, 2019


Saab flew its Electronic Attack Jammer Pod (EAJP) on the Gripen combat aircraft for the first time on 4 November, the company announced.

The purpose of Saab's new EAJP pod is to protect aircraft against radars by sophisticated jamming functions, thereby blocking the opponent's ability to attack them.

The EAJP is part of Saab's Arexis family of electronic warfare (EW) systems, and the test marked the latest milestone since the system was first briefed to reporters earlier in the year.

The Arexis EA Jammer Pod provides forward and aft coverage to support the ingress, strike, and egress of a package of strike aircraft. It utilises a VHF/UHF surveillance and acquisition radar in the L and S bands that incorporates gallium nitride (GaN) AESA technology.

This podded system is part of a wider EW capability that has been developed for the Gripen E/F, and that is so far delivering highly positive result in test.




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