Serdar Passed Tests

Serdar Passed Tests 8 June, 2019

Serdar remote-controlled weapon system (RCWS) has completed the tests held in Ukraine.

Developed jointly by ASELSAN, Luch and SpetsTechnoExport, Serdar RCWS is ready for mass production. Developed for an unnamed foreign customer, ASELSAN provides the main integration works as well as the supply of components such as stabilization, fire control, target detection and tracking, monitoring systems. Luch is the supplier of guidance and control, and SpetsTechnoExport provides the Skif missiles. RCWS has 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm machine guns and Skif anti-tank missiles. Serdar, which is a highly sensitive multi-capable system, provides the opportunity to attack armoured vehicles from a distance of 5 km. Skif, which is the main weapon of the system providing wide viewing angle to the user, is able to penetrate the armour with an equivalent thickness of 800 mm RHA. Serdar is a low-weight and modular system and can be equipped with RK-2M missiles capable of penetrating 1100 mm thick armour.

Serdar Passed Tests

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