SHORAD for USA July 4, 2019



The U.S. Army has been laying the foundations to conduct large-scale combat operations against a near-peer adversary like Russia or China.

In addition to the development of logistics systems and the strengthening of the military power of armoured formations, the Army is now standing up short-range air defence units, known as SHORAD battalions, and offering a five-week pilot Stinger course for Soldiers in manoeuvre units.

Col. Mark A. Holler, commandant of the Air Defence Artillery School at Fort Sill, reminded that In the 1990s, every Army division had a SHORAD battalion. In 2017, none of the 10 active divisions had one. The plan is to eventually have 10 SHORAD battalions again to defend manoeuvre units within each of the US Army’s divisions, said Holler.

Last year, the Army re-established SHORAD battalion in Germany. The 5th Battalion of the 4th Air Defence Artillery Regiment was stood up with Avengers — modified Humvees with a turret on top and two pods of Stinger missiles.

Issue 77