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11.06.2018 15:57

Smart Solutions for Battlefield

Rafael has unveiled two new products that will offer smarter solutions to the battlefield.

One of these solutions is FireFly, a loitering munition. The platform weighs three kilograms, suitable for carrying and using a single soldier. Developed as a member of the Spike family, the vehicle has the ability to target tracking. System can be managed by the tablet can provide instant data transfer thanks to the two way data link. FireFly, which has duration 15 minutes, has a data transmission range of 500 meters in the city and 1500 meters in open areas and can work up to 500 meters altitude.

Another product is EPIK. The kit, which is an Electro-optical Precision Integration Kit (EPIK) and integrated into a 122-millimeter artillery rocket, uses a system that processes and loads images that are pre-loaded into memory. The system also has a built-in map database, which maps to the target image by matching the snapshot images received from the database when the missile reaches the target area. With this target detection system, EPIK is freed from the Global Positioning System. EPIK is EW resistant and hasability to reach targets at precise hit angles with three meters precision.


Smart Missile by Rafael

Rafael Advanced Defence Systems unveiled a new variant of the SPIKE

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