, “Spike” Power to Light Vehicles
“Spike” Power to Light Vehicles

“Spike” Power to Light Vehicles February 6, 2019

Rafael announced the new application for the Spike family, which offers an effective solution in a wide range of areas. Company has integrated the long-range Spike NLOS (Non-Line of Sight) system into light vehicles.

Spike NLOS integration provides a great firepower for light vehicles. In this way, a highly efficient, cost-effective solution which can even attack to main battle tanks. Rafael make its experience from TOMCAR platform. The launcher used during the test weighed 1350 kilograms and carried eight rounds.

Spike NLOS, a fifth-generation anti-tank system, offers an non-line of sight anti-tank solution in ranges over 25 kilometres. The system offers different flight trajectories to different target types.

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