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The UK F-35s Set to Arrive Home in June

UK Ministry of Defence announced on 16 May that the F-35 Lightning aircraft will start arriving at Royal Air Force Marham in Norfolk early next month. The aircraft are due to fly across the Atlantic Ocean from the US with several air-to-air refuelling serials. The RAF 617 Squadron pilots are currently training with the UK’s F-35 Lightning jets in America before they start flying to the UK two months ahead of schedule. 

The UK has committed to buying 138 F-35s over the next few decades and they will be jointly operated by the RAF and the Royal Navy.


UK's F-35s Ready To Take-

UK Ministry of Defence announced on 17 October that F-35 fighter je

USAF F-35As' First Overse

The US Air Force (USAF) has begun its first operational overseas deploym

'Meteor' BVRAAM Approval

MBDA announced a new contract on 21 April awarded by the UK Ministr

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