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11.09.2017 12:11

The US Began P320 Testing

The U.S. Army Operational Test Command at Fort Hood, Texas will start testing the new modular handgun system, the Sig Sauer P320 over the next few weeks. Testing will also be conducted by sailors, airmen and marines.

Sig Sauer announced in January this year that M9 handguns, which are currently in service with the US Land Forces, will be replaced by P320 pistols. The Glock company objected to the US Army's choice of new handgun which resulted in a decision to not to begin testing until an evaluation was carried out. 


The US Army Chose "Sig Sa

Sig Sauer announced that M9 handguns, which are currently in service wit

Guns Loaded in the US

The Glock company reacted to the US Army's choice of Sig Sauer in th

Beretta Acquired Victrix

Beretta Defence Technologies (BDT) acquired Italian rifle designer and m

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